Hilly Billy Jean 5 Pack


Hilly Billy Jean is a Sativa-dominant strain that is the delightful result of crossbreeding the Space Queen and Orange Skunk marijuana strains. With high THC levels that reach up to 20% and CBD levels of less than 1%, it puts this hybrid in the upper tier of potency. Due to its powerful Sativa effects, the Hilly Billy Jean strain has become a widely popular choice for recreational and medicinal marijuana users alike. As its name suggests, the weed comprises flavors and scents of sweet mango, tangy orange, and tropical jellybeans. The weed exhibits a more cerebral and euphoric high with only limited body effects. Moreover, the strain also has a few medicinal benefits. All the strain’s wonderful combination of unique flavors and potent effects make it a great example of Sativa-dominant marijuana.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Hilly Billy Jean?

Deriving its name from its delightful scent and flavor, Hilly Billy Jean is a sensationally fragrant cannabis plant that has a subtle subtropical aroma reminiscent of oranges, mangoes, and tropical-flavored jellybean candies. On the other hand, the strain boasts of rich and sharp citrus and orange flavors with sweet tangy sensations of fruits that are mouthwatering, enveloping the taste buds during its exhale.

The Hilly Billy Jean cannabis strain is considered an excellent daytime strain that’s ideal for staying positive and getting things done during the day. In addition, it is perfect for social butterflies or anyone wanting to add an extra dose of happiness to their day. The Sativa lineage is overpowering and can be proven by the weed’s effects which can be instantly experienced. It starts off with a euphoric head rush that gets users energetic and uplifted. Moreover, the strain keeps users mentally at ease yet invigorated. Users have also experienced that there is a significant boost in their creativity and the desire to socialize. The cerebral high is then accompanied by a mild and soothing body buzz. During the last hours of its effects, the Indica side of this strain takes effect and makes users feel very relaxed, with heavy eyes and incredible muscle relaxation.

How to Grow Hilly Billy Jean

Growing Hilly Billy Jean is quite easy and suitable for even novice growers. Moreover, this strain is relatively resistant to milds and common molds. This cannabis plant can grow well indoors and outdoors. When grown indoors, it only takes 8-10 weeks for it to finish flowering. This short bush is suitable for the Sea of Green and Screen of Green growing techniques.  Growers can expect a hearty harvest of around 300G per square meter. Outdoors, this plant needs to be topped only once in order for it to bloom. The Hilly Billy Jean cannabis plant flourishes most in a sunny, warm, and dry climate. It can be harvested in September wherein breeders can collect 220G of aromatic buds per plant.