Hellfire OG 5 Pack


Hellfire OG Feminized is a hybrid made by cross-breeding one of the most sought-after classics, the OG Kush with the sturdy and flavorful SFV OG Kush. Carrying its parents’ characteristics, the Hellfire OG Feminized has a high THC level and is the top choice for cannabis veterans wanting to snazz up a dreary afternoon. In addition to its therapeutic effects, it also provides fast-acting and long-lasting relief from discomforts to medical marijuana patients. When it comes to cultivating this hybrid strain needs a lot less effort than its parent OG Kush. It can be successfully grown by those without plenty of experience in cannabis horticulture. The Hellfire OG Feminized bears a beautiful resinous bouquet that entices everyone with its aroma. Its psychoactive effects are both stimulating and relaxing. This strain also provides unparalleled relief from numerous medical conditions aside from its powerful therapeutic effects.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Hellfire OG Feminized?

The Hellfire OG Feminized emanates an aroma of herbal, citrus, and Thai incense. When igniting the buds, it unveils a spicy diesel scent. Truly a strain with a sophisticated fragrance that excites the senses. The flavors of this hybrid are consistent with its aroma. A delicious blend of citrus, pine, and lemon fills the palate, followed by a spicy, diesel-like, and earthy aftertaste that lingers in the tongue.

The psychoactive effects are heavy-hitting and fast-acting that, upon smoking, brightens the smoker’s mood right away. The pleasant euphoria increases the urge to socialize with peers. It also encourages creativity, motivation, and focus on being productive. This makes it an excellent choice for people with career paths that involve creativity and innovation and even for those whose passion is in the arts. However, it is not recommended to take this strain during working hours after the cerebral rush comes to a very relaxing finish that may turn the productive beast into a lazy couch potato. This relaxing effect is a trait passed by its Indica genes. While the Sativa genes invigorate the mind, the Indica is responsible for soothing stressed minds and tired muscles. In addition, it aids its consumers to a deep and peaceful sleep, which makes it perfect for an after-work session.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hellfire OG Feminized?

This mood-enhancing, anxiolytic, and anti-depressant strain has worked wonders in alleviating psychological issues like bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. It also poses fewer risks compared to traditional medications that may result in complications in the kidney and liver. Its antiemetic and appetite-stimulating properties can also cater to patients with eating disorders or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The relaxing effect that comes afterward has proven to be helpful for those who have insomnia.

Physically, the Hellfire OG Feminized possesses anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that help patients who struggle with chronic conditions, making it a viable alternative to over-the-counter drugs and opioids in reducing ailments such as back pain, migraine, and arthritis.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Hellfire OG Feminized

The Hellfire OG Feminized high THC content may cause psychedelic effects that might be overwhelming for novice smokers. In large amounts, it can trigger anxiety and even paranoia. The only way to prevent these unpleasant effects is to consume in small doses and smoke slowly.

How to Grow Hellfire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The Hellfire OG Feminized owes its easy-to-rear abilities to its SFV OG Kush parent.  It is relatively small but with sturdy branches that can carry its dense buds well even when there are forceful wind blows. However, it turns weak in cold temperatures, which is why it is recommended to be cultivated indoors where the climate can be manipulated or managed compared to the unpredictable and temperamental conditions outdoors. A warm temperature of around 20 to 26°C encourages healthy growth, and a humidity level of 40-50% is good enough to prevent mold build-up. This plant also requires constant pruning to aerate its bushy foliage to encourage a balanced contribution of nutrients. It should be exposed to a 600-watt LED lamp for 18 to 20 hours, wherein it can yield up to 400 grams of thick, resinous buds after eight to ten weeks in the flowering stage.

While outdoor cultivating is not the best option, it is still possible if the grower lives in a warm and dry climate. The plant should be allowed to bask in plenty of sunlight to be able to produce a heavy yield of about 400 grams per plant by mid-October.