Haze XL Autoflower 5 Pack


Amnesia Haze XL Auto is a special strain of auto-flowering marijuana. It is a modern auto take on the original Amnesia Haze as its name implies. The Haze XL is an award-winning strain and is a combination of two iconic strains and is the love child of Haze 2.0 and Jack Herer. It did not take long for the strain, with such a stellar lineage, to become a coffeehouse staple. This Sativa-heavy cannabis, ideal for daytime use, offers a blast of warm fuzziness and energy that makes it a complete must-try. This strain induces strong, upbeat effects genuinely suggestive of the original varieties of Amnesia Haze.

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You will have an impressive crop by planting Haze XL Auto-flowering seeds, a hard-hitting blend of the world’s most famous Jack Herer and Haze strains with 10% Ruderalis genetics combined in a very impressive measurement. Haze cannabis strain is known for having the ability to provide dominant stimulations, with a burst of creativity and euphoric energy, Haze XL autoflower Cannabis Seeds won’t disappoint you.

This strain is one of the best autoflower seeds as it’s an all-natural choice for those people who are looking for an alternative in stepping from their over-the-counter or even prescribed medications, as it’s quite effective in relieving symptoms of depression, stress, and any kind of chronic pain like headaches. This cannabis strain is perfect for newbie cannabis growers as it’s easy to propagate and can both thrive from indoor and outdoor cultivation, thanks to the extra autoflowering genetics. Be patient with this cannabis strain as the flowering period of this strain is longer than 10 to 12 weeks.