Green Goblin 5 Pack


If you’re thinking about Spiderman’s enemy, no, this is not it. However, the strain may be inspired by the villain character or solely by its name. The Green Goblin Fem strain is most likely a cross between the Green Crack strain and Roadkill Skunk. However, there are also other versions that state that this strain is most likely a cross of Northern Lights with Skunk #1. Regardless of its origins, Green Goblin Fem is a great daytime strain that delivers an energizing high with mind and body relaxation.As the name suggests, the strain generates fat, dense nugs that are lime green in color with tiny brown flecks. The flavors and aromas are described as earthy, sweet, pungent, and loamy. Moreover, the effects of the strain are quite potent, starting with the mind and getting all the positive energies out. And as a feminized version, the Green Goblin matures a little faster, making it very appealing to novice and expert growers alike.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Green Goblin Fem?

The Green Goblin Fem cannabis strain has a strong aroma and flavor profile. It has a skunky and overall pungent aroma with powerful notes of diesel and musk added with slightly sweet undertones. These scents are produced by the plant’s forest green buds with rusty orange hairs. As for its flavors, one can taste the classic pungency of Skunk with earthy notes and slights hints of citrus.

When it comes to its effects, the 24% THC levels make it very potent in its own right. Initially, the high will start with a slight head buzz, before going down to the rest of the body for a calming and relaxing effect. The potent head high also comes with a burst of energy and uplifting euphoria that makes users feel happy and dreamy with a case of giggles. A boost in creativity and a sense of sharp focus also comes along with the happy high. Moreover, this euphoria-inducing Sativa also delivers a full-body relaxation that does not affect the high levels of energy and alertness of users.

How to Grow Green Goblin Fem?

Cultivating this strain is quite easy to do which will make inexperienced growers very happy. This cannabis plant is not very demanding, and it needs only around 8-9 weeks to bring abundant harvests what being a feminized variety. Although the plant does not need much attention, it should still be taken care of and given sufficient amounts of fertilizer and nutrients.

The Green Goblin Fem can be grown in both an indoor and outdoor setting. Trimming at the bottom and pruning at the top is highly recommended for best results come harvest time. Furthermore, it thrives very well in warm and temperate climates but can also survive colder temperatures. When the best conditions are met for the needs of this plant, it can produce yields that can reach up to 200-300G and can be harvested in September or October.