Grape Drink Autoflower 5 Pack


What excites other marijuana connoisseurs is that they have been willing to enjoy a certain Indica dominant strain. An unusual but strong Kimbo Kush crossed this perfect grape drink marijuana variety with the Grape God strains. Owing to its nice and soothing flavor, Grape Drink strain has won over fans. The THC amounts of this bud are between 15 percent and 23 percent.Grape drink auto marijuana flowers are distinguished by a greater than normal size and strong, tapered formation. These buds have a sturdy internal framework characteristic of Indian species with a thick center composed of tightly winding leaves—the thin, large blades themselves blend green and dark purple forest from Grape God’s parent strain. Curly orange and sticky, transparent trichomes complete their nuggets.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Grape Drink Auto Strain?

The grape drink auto cannabis strain is sweet and acidic, with a dank overtone tasty to the lips. The scent is woody, but it also smells like a new cup of grape-flavored soda. The strain’s buds have thin minty, amber-faced, fine tones and a dense covering of tiny amber crystal trichomes. The high grape drink is usually soothing and lazy, great to kick back on the weekend. A few minutes after you exhale, you can experience a sensation of hazy euphoria freeing your mind of any rushing emotions or depressive feelings. When your mind drives into this introspective condition, your imagination may start to experience an increase in inspiration, powered by vivid sights. With this delicious bud, you won’t get much body heavy, but a feeling of lethargy helps you lay on the sofa or kick on your favorite chair.

Grape drink weed strain causes intense brain euphoria. It relieves tension and depression. Improves imagination, concentration, and attitude. Then moderate sedation. Pain controls, insomnia aids, eye pressure relieves.

How to Grow Grape Drink Auto Cannabis Seed?

Indoors in a well-controlled setting, this strain develops much stronger. An indoor growth is projected to yield between 400–550g/m2, whereas an outdoor growth yields 60–200g/plant. It is terrible outdoors compared with other autoflowering strains. Both grown indoors or outdoors, the harvest is anticipated around 8 weeks after sprouting.