Grandaddy Bruce 5 Pack


These Grandaddy Bruce Feminized Cannabis Seeds are an indica-dominant marijuana hybrid that is made up of 80% indica and 20% sativa. Considered as one of the most potent and pungent strain types out there, Grandaddy Bruce Feminized certainly does justice to the parent strains that gave rise to this jaw-dropping beast. It makes use of someGrandaddy Purpleand richBruce Banner, both of which are legendary and classic strains in their own rights. This Grandaddy Bruce Feminized strain surely inherits all the best traits and qualities of its lineage! Although the THC levels of this strain could reach absurd amounts around 26% to 28%, the effects are often described as being quite easy going and mild. This, of course, will translate into a deep hazy cleanse that will leave you feeling numb and immobile. Get ready to clear your schedules because this bad boy will surely keep you tightly tucked into your beds!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Grandaddy Bruce Feminized?

Grandaddy Bruce offers a plethora of flavors that invites smokers to keep on puffing until they can puff no more! A very sweet and creamy smoke that is filled with vanilla and grapes is the main feature of its taste profiles. You also get mixes of other tropical fruits and a constant note of earthiness thrown onto your tongues. Once you take your exhales, a very nice spicy finish leaves its mark in your mouth, making a very enticing and explosive smoking experience.

Grandaddy Bruce targets the mind of users, filling it with potent and rich senses of euphoria and haziness. Along with the strong, stimulating head buzz that will get users feeling awake and rowdy, they will also start chatting a little more. The social and uplifted mood makes this a great choice for social gatherings and smoking circles to share with friends! The latter part of this strain’s high leans more on providing a relaxing and calming sensation. Your whole body will suddenly feel down and lazy as you will want to spend the remaining hours of the day at home, watching your favorite shows as Grandaddy Bruce takes you to sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Grandaddy Bruce Feminized?

The uplifting cerebral hits along with the deep sense of relaxation in the body make Grandaddy Bruce a premium choice for medical patients as well. Anyone who is suffering from mild episodes of anxiety and/or depression will instantly have their worries put away with a few tokes of this strain. Also, any debilitating stress levels that build up in your minds and body are instantly mitigated with Grandaddy Bruce.

This strain is also known to contain high doses of analgesic properties, which are mainly used to alleviate inflammation in the body as well as reduce the pain and discomfort caused by back aches, muscle spasms, arthritis, and debilitating chronic pain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Grandaddy Bruce Feminized

The high THC levels and potency of Grandaddy Bruce could very well trigger some uncomfortable and negative reactions in users who aren’t used to these power-punching strains. You might start feeling nauseous, anxious, or even paranoid if you take too much of this strain. Additionally, the cerebral buzz might cause a certain degree of lightheadedness that could trigger hallucinations and distorted senses.

There really is no going around the dry eyes and cottonmouth sensations of marijuana, especially with strains as potent as this. In order to reduce the chances of this happening, make sure to properly hydrate yourself and fill your body with liquids to counteract these effects.

How to Grandaddy Bruce Feminized

You can pretty much expect strong indica influences in Grandaddy bruce when growing these feminized seeds. This strain grows a pretty shrubby and bushy plant, producing a thick foliage of bright green leaves that will respond very well to a ScrOG. The buds and sugar leaves will look extremely frosty and coated with a nice layering of trichomes, giving these colas a very head turning appearance. Aside from the regulation of its compact leaves and branches, growing this would be a breeze for anyone!

Flowering for this Grandaddy Bruce Feminized will take around 8 to 10 weeks, which is prettys standard for any strain. Outdoor growers can expect their harvests to take place in the early to mid parts of October. The yields of Grandaddy Bruce are more than generous, reaching a convenient 600 to 650 grams indoors and above 500 grams outdoors!