Gorilla Cake Autoflower 5 Pack


The Gorilla Cake Auto is an Indica-dominant strain that is created as an autoflowering version of the original strain. It is said to be a combination of crossing one of the strongest and well-known strains, the Original Glue, with the delicious Wedding Cake strain. Inheriting some of its parent strains’ structure, this cannabis develops trichomes with a dense, and hefty bud structure that has an earthy, chem-filled yet sweet terpene profile that comes out as smooth, thick, and aromatic.  This trichome-laden strain does not only have impressive aromas and flavors but also provides a quite powerful high fueled by its high THC levels. Moreover, now that it is in an autoflowering variant, the flowering period has become shorter without compromising the quality of the buds. In all, the autoflowering version of the Gorilla Cake Auto is certainly a must-strain to try for both novice and connoisseurs marijuana users.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Gorilla Cake Auto?

With its trichome-filled nugs, it is evident that this Indica has a lot to offer when it comes to flavors and aromas. The scent of this strain has been described as being similar to the sweetness of coffee with a very slight hint of sourness. As for its flavors, it is a combination of coffee, sweet bits of mocha with subtle tones of earthiness, and the pungency of diesel that sticks to the tongue even after users have finished smoking.

The high levels of THC found in this strain have made it a powerful one when it comes to its high and effects. Initially, users will feel a cerebral rush that leaves exhilarating, happy, and uplifting feelings. Although there will be moments when users will feel totally hazy making them lose focus on their daytime activities. Together with the head buzz, a deep body stone will follow. It will make users feel completely stoned, leading to deep sleep or couchlock. The effects will also last for hours on end.

How to Grow Gorilla Cake Auto?

Cultivating Gorilla Cake Auto can be grown with ease. Its autoflowering quality lets it finish flowering in just a short period of 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest. In addition, it produces very resinous and fat buds which growers will take delight in. Given its Indica heritage, the plant grows rather short which makes it perfect for inconspicuous growing.

It can be grown indoors or out. The yield of Gorilla Cake Autoflowering does not differ from the yield of its predecessor. This cannabis plant can produce 400-500G of top-shelf buds that are completely covered with white trichomes. Since the plant has the ability to take in the nutrients effectively, it is highly suggested to use adequate amounts of fertilizer in order to avoid overfeeding the plant. Also, it is best to keep an eye on the humidity level in the environment wherein the plant will be grown.