G13 Autoflower 5 Pack


Expect quick flowering and a zesty, fruity aroma with G13 Autoflower strain. This is a recreational and medicinal strain capable of relieving pain, stress, and anxiety with its very steep THC of 24%. It is a star in the garden as one of the loveliest strains. It’s resistant to pests and molds, which adds to its many great growing qualities.

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More About G13 Autoflower

The Strain With a Quick Flowering And a Fruity Punch

G13 Autoflower is an autoflowering indica hybrid cannabis strain that has a colorful history. It was said that this strain came from a top-secret lab in Mississippi where quality genetically-engineered seeds are developed. This strain was made by combining a G13 indica and a ruderalis strain enabling this hybrid to flower faster in just 70 days. Every bud will give you a powerful 22 to 24% THC.

G13 is a top strain for recreational users with its high 24% THC. The buds are triangular with tinges of violet and evergreen hues. These lovely warm colors are highlighted by a shower of trichomes. And aside from its unique beauty, this hybrid is also a grower’s dream as it can tolerate high heat and drastic weather changes. It is easy to grow as it has a high resistance to disease, pests, and mold.

But you can’t overlook improving its growing conditions. This indica can grow very bushy and short; therefore, removing thicker leaves at the bottom part of the plant is important. This will enhance air circulation to remove moisture, which is important in controlling pests and molds.

You can grow G13 indoors and outdoors too. As long as it is grown in the best conditions, this strain can give you up to 550 grams per square meter indoors and around 100 grams per plant when grown outdoors. Use the screen of green (SCROG) or the sea of green (SOG) technique to cultivate this plant. These methods will help maintain the plant’s growth and will help multiply yields.