Fruit Loops 5 Pack


The Fruit Loops Feminized marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that stands out among the rest. With a genetic lineage consisting of some legendary powerhouses such as theWhite Widow, Grapefruit. Blueberry,andBlue Dream, this one of a kind strain is as premium as it gets! Fruit Loops’ main effects are indica-leaning with strong relaxing sensations often keeping you stoned for long hours. However, the balance of sativa influences also give it a strong, uplifting vibe that stimulates your thoughts and gives your mind a rather happy boost!Like the fruity cereal that it was named after, Fruit Loops Feminized is sure to give you delicious flavors of tropical fruits and sweet, sugary notes! With the subtle presence of floral incense on the nose, this strain is sure to hit right in your sweet spots!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Fruit Loops Feminized?

The first things that you will notice from smoking this Fruit Loops Feminized strain are the rich and tantalizing fruity flavors that will instantly coat your palette! The thick smoke will feel creamy on the inhale and sort of hashy and minty on the exhale, giving you a nice sensation of sweetness followed by a cool breeze. The very small hints of skunky and earthy notes from the Indica lineage may cause a bit of coughing but it won’t be anything too harsh on the hit!

Starting off slowly at first, Fruit Loops will gradually take a hold of your mind and make you feel much more aware of your surroundings. The mounting pressure around your eyes may cause you to feel sluggish and lazy as smooth waves of relaxation spread through your temples. After a few minutes pass, a renewed sense of joy and happiness overtake you as you start giggling and laughing over every small thing. Couple this with deep, indica-leaning tranquility and you’re all set to chill out for the next few hours!

What are the Medical Benefits of Fruit Loops Feminized?

The cerebral and uplifting effects that are so sought after in the Fruit Loops Feminized strain can also come in handy for medical benefits. If you are feeling down and sloppy, having a few quick puffs of Fruit Loops Feminized can get you back up to speed! The happy thoughts that blanket your minds can be an effective treatment for mental conditions such as PTSD, anxiety attacks, depression, and mild to high levels of stress.

Additionally, the inherently strong body buzz that this hybrid brings can help calm people down, most especially those who are diagnosed with ADHD. Any chronic pains and pain levels in your eyes and body may be mitigated through the use of Fruit Loops. And as a bonus, Fruit Loops can give you a nasty appetite, which is perfect for people suffering from eating disorders.

Negative Effects You Can Expect Fruit Loops Feminized

Every marijuana strain comes with adverse effects. Like most of them out there, improper hydration in your body before smoking can cause an uncomfortable feeling of cottonmouth and dry, bloodshot eyes.

Also, beginners who aren’t used to weed smoking might get a slight irritation on the throat due to the hashy taste of the hit. While it isn’t the strongest strain out there and usually calls for a mellow high, amateurs might experience some paranoia and anxiety.

How to Grow Fruit Loops Feminized

Because of the indica-leaning genetics of this strain, you can expect a rather compact and bushy plant. The heights of this strain’s plants can reach a pretty short measurement as they average just about 90 to 100cm. The buds, however, are extremely thick and chunky. As they are surrounded with amber and orange pistils, the high volumes of trichomes give it a very glossy and mouth watering finish.

The Fruit Loops Feminized strain grows particularly well in cooler climates. While it will still need a significant amount of sunlight, it thrives under weathers that aren’t as tropical. These cooler conditions give rise to the purple hues that streak back and forth all over the leaves. Also, it is highly resistant to any disease, which makes it a great choice  for both indoor and outdoor gardens.