Early Fast Version 5 Pack


A top-pick among cannabis rookies, the Early Fem Fast Version is the absolute way to be welcomed to the world of marijuana. It is the ideal strain for novices, with its subtle effects and the absence of paranoia. This cannabis plant has very strong genetics given that it is the result of crossing Afghani, Skunk, and Siberian Ruderalis strains. Despite its name, the fast version of the Early Fem isn’t a weed that is associated with a wake and bake. Moreover, it exudes that smooth and sweet yet musky, citrus aroma and flavors that intensify during its flowering phase. The herb also delivers amazing effects that are very enjoyable to more than most of its users. These qualities make the Early Fem Fast Version is definitely a great bargain especially when looking for incredible genetics that can be suitable even for beginners in marijuana.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Early Fem Fast Version?

Early Fem’s Fast version is a sure treat for those who love real earthy strains with fresh aromas. In her blooming period, this herb gives off a powerful fruity, musky aroma that is almost bordering on a dank yet refreshing scent that is highly evident with just a whiff of its smoke. There are also aromatic hints of citrus and damp earth upon inhaling this weed. As for its taste, it has undeniably sweet and spicy flavors that users get from its well-dried buds.

With THC levels coming out around 12-20%, it’s a middle-ranging weed that will get users in a very comfortable state with its mellow high. Due to its very subtle strength, its tasty buds provide that floating effect and do not leave users stuck on the couch. In addition, the strain is well-loved by cannabis users who are not looking to get incredibly high.

How to Grow Early Fem Fast Version?

Cultivating Early Fem Fast can be suitable even for a less experienced grower. This cannabis plant is an early bloomer that matures really quickly, which is one of the main reasons behind its fame. Also, it is a highly vigorous grower that requires only the bare minimum of effort from its breeders. Due to this, the Early Fem Fast Version is the marijuana plant for beginners.

This cannabis plant has a typical Indica structure that boasts of large, aromatic, and dense buds with sticky clusters and a popcorn-like appearance. It can be suitable to be cultivated indoors as well as outdoors. Indoors, the best results can be achieved when there are consistent temperature and constant light conditions which helps in producing higher yields. When grown outdoors, it is not too difficult to grow because it is very tough and disease-resistant. Plus, it is also mold-resistant and can be able to survive different types of weather conditions. Yields of 400-600G per plant can be collected by growers.