Dutch Dragon Autoflower 5 Pack


The Dutch Dragon Autoflowering strain is a go-to when one wants brain and body relief for its excellent medical and recreational benefits. It’s a popular choice among the growing communitydue to its significant harvest potential. The aroma is very sweet and citrusy, just like tangerines. This strain is a real double-hitter that can deliver a full-body experience with only a few inhales. It’s often prescribed to patients with mood disorders because of its stress-relieving effect and euphoric high. In 2006, Dutch Dragon won first prize in the Highlife Cannabis Cup (Bio Category) in Amsterdam.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Dutch Dragon Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

The Dutch Dragon’s aroma and taste are like tangerines, tangy, citrus, and sweet, keeping Sativa sybarites coming back for more. Novices, however, should take caution in their doses. This fruity strain is not to be mistaken for mellow effects. With THC levels ranging from 16% to 20%, smokers should expect an intense euphoria effect. After a few inhales, the mind starts to enter a state of relaxation and happiness. When consumed in the morning, it can be a great kick-starter that allows creativity to flow throughout the day, truly helpful for those careers demanding innovative ideas and those in dire need of inspiration. During the late afternoon or early evening sessions, the audiovisual enhancement effect will make the night one of your best. Consumers advise keeping a bunch of munchies on the side, too, for it can increase your appetite.

How to Grow Dutch Dragon Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Dragon Autoflowering produces excellent yields from long sticky colas. It grows best in warm climates. A Sea of Green flowering setup can be started early because this strain follows the typical Sativa growing pattern; fast and vigorous. It usually takes a minimum of nine weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks for it to develop big, fully matured flowers ready for harvest. Growing the Dutch Dragon can be a challenge if the growing space is restricted, but those fond of indoor cultivation should not worry too much; with some training, this beast can be trained. When using the Sea of Green setup, it can grow up to three feet tall, but it can grow as tall as nine feet when cultivated outside. Around mid-October is usually the optimum harvesting period when growing outdoors. All efforts exerted in developing this strain will not go in vain, for big yields will be expected. Cannabis connoisseurs have highly admired the combination of its flavors and aroma.