Dragon Fruit 5 Pack


An exciting blend of Indica and Sativa, the Dragon Fruit Fem strain is a product of crossing the Silver Haze and Snow Lotus which are two popular strains. It is an Indica-dominant strain that is pretty well-balanced, creating exciting flavors alongside potent effects on the mind and body. This hybrid, with its blend of Indica and Sativa characteristics, will really get the mind and body buzzing. Besides its lime green buds, this cannabis strain comes immersed in trichomes with pungent fruity and musky aromas that will definitely invigorate the senses. Moreover, it features an experience that is highly euphoric and uplifting and gives users a bit of an energetic kick. And this feminized version of the strain is definitely a bonus, especially to impatient growers. In all, the Dragon Fruit Fem is a real marijuana treat for all types of weed lovers out there.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Dragon Fruit Fem?

The feminized version of the Dragon Fruit Fem boasts of pleasant and complex aromas and flavors. When it comes to the delightful aroma, it is composed of fruity herbs and rich earthy pungency that gradually sweetens as the buds are burned. Also, the strain’s delightful fragrance contains strong hints of citrus, lemon, hints of sweet summer fruit with a slight touch of diesel throughout the full-bodied smoke. The strain’s flavor profile, on the other hand, is very fruity just like an actual Dragon Fruit with hints of citrus upon exhale. On the inhale, it is very mouthwatering with massive hits of the sweetness of fruit, refreshing pine, and citrusy goodness.

Exhibiting both Sativa and Indica traits, its hybrid quality delivers intense high, and potent effects. The long-lasting effects initially start on the head, producing a powerful cerebral buzz that is euphoric. It may leave users slightly energized but its potency causes hazy effects. As the mind is lifted higher into a giggly and euphoric state, the body will start to settle into a comfortably relaxing state.

How to Grow Dragon Fruit Fem?

The Dragon Fruit Fem is not that easy to grow. However, there are so many methods or techniques that can greatly help users. With this feminized version, it will only take around 8-9 weeks for the plant to finish flowering. It is also resistant to mold and mildew and can withstand common pest issues.

This cannabis plant can grow well both indoors and outdoors. However, it flourishes best in natural sunlight and in environments that are reminiscent of Mediterranean climates. For those looking to grow indoors, this plant may be one of the more difficult plants to cultivate. Its small nature makes it the perfect plant for those with less and limited room. But, it has some other specific needs that include plenty of sunlight and some serious nutrient enhancement. To decrease waiting times, some breeders should use high-pressure sodium lighting to boost flowering and encourage maturation faster. Its bushy characteristics are best for pruning and trimming. Growers can opt for growing it using hydroponics or organic soil together with an array of soil enhancers. Under optimal conditions, breeders can collect around 300-350G of yields.