Diesel Berry Autoflower 5 Pack


Diesel Berry Autoflowering is a cannabis strain in an auto-flowering form that attempts to capture the wonderful qualities of NYC Diesel. It succeeds at this very well. The resulting auto strain has a heavenly mix of flavors and effects that is not exactly the same as NYC Diesel but is an outstanding replica. Indoors, Diesel Berry Autoflowering grows for about 3 feet tall that stretches longer outdoors where there is an abundance of sunshine. A strong Sativa influence in genetics means that if you have a healthy, sunny climate, it is most recommended to cultivate outdoors for prime yields.Thick, shiny, dense buds are formed by this strain. Diesel Berry Autoflowering is a great-tasting herb, tingling and sour on the palate and very exciting and invigorating the combination of tangy fruit and fuel. The psychoactive effects are also equivalent to this. What begins as an exhilarating rush of cerebral activity grows into a deep and strong stone of the body that can end up in a couch-lock.In only one good bong session, you can go from rushing to comatose. Auto Berry Diesel is a quality weed that would be a good option for daily growers who would like to play with automated strains

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Diesel Berry Autoflowering?

Alongside the incomparable spicy fuel-like tang of NYC Diesel, the Diesel Berry Autoflowering really owes its respect to these two hybrid strains, bearing all the out-of-the-ordinary fruit-like sweetness of Berry Ryder. An odd mix is the combination of musky fuel notes and intense fruitiness that performs well, promising something new and exciting for the cannabis aficionados out there.

When smoked, Diesel Berry Autoflowering provides very balanced but complex effects, utilizing its Indica and Sativa genes well. However, with this strain’s high THC level, this isn’t to suggest the results are mild. The impact begins with a powerful head rush that subsides into an intense cerebral buzz, thanks to its Sativa feature. The intense Indica body high takes over as you get used to this, soothing smokers into a stone that will see you attached for hours to the sofa.

How to Grow Diesel Berry Autoflowering

The Diesel Berry Autoflowering is a relatively easy plant to cultivate which makes it a treat for beginners and experienced growers alike. It strives both indoors or outdoors but if you’re on the warmer side of the planet, it’s best to grow the plants outdoors to be able to utilize their full potential.

When grown indoors, the Diesel Berry Autoflowering can stand as tall as 90 cm if left untrained, it owes this to its Sativa genetics. Despite the shortness of the plant, the bud density means that growers are able to harvest heavy yields that will be ready in ten to eleven weeks. To be able to get a hold of quality crops, this strain grows best indoors when using a Screen of Green setup with a 20/4 lighting schedule.

Outdoor cultivation is a tad different for the plant can grow as tall as 120cm when exposed to a decent amount of sunlight. Nothing to fret about because this strain can withstand a range of climates. However, it is still a diminutive plant so growers might have to think twice in growing Diesel Berry Autoflowering outside.

Growers may harvest between May and October. The best yields are attained when cultivation starts in June so that the plants are exposed to plenty of sunlight. This strain can produce up to 350 grams per square meter when grown indoors, which is generous for an autoflower variant. With minimal stress and a relatively abundant yield, overall, this plant is an easy one to grow yet still rewarding of tasty and potent harvests.