Critical Widow 5 Pack


Critical Widow (fem) is a Sativa leaning strain that provides the users with a mega high of epic proportions. With a THC level of 25%, expect a combination of cerebral and relaxing highs. This strain’s genetic lineage was produced by crossing two very popular and potent strains, White Widow and Critical Mass. With a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica ration, this marijuana strain will offer a balanced high of mood upliftment, euphoria, and total relaxation.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical Widow (fem)

Critical Widow is a unique strain and had an increase in popularity when word of mouth spread that this is one of the few cannabis strains that centers around making the user aroused. This makes for a very intimate strain as the user will feel the need for extra attention from their partners.

Being a Sativa dominant strain, a feeling of upliftment and genuine happiness will prevail during the entire duration of the high. This strain will put you in a good mood bringing an aura of positivity to the user. Smoking a joint of Critical Widow will give the user a full relaxing feeling that will ease and soothe the entire body from head to toe.

The aroma of this weed is difficult to ignore as it emits a strong pungent herbal odor. Hints of earthiness and citrus scents are also detected when this weed is lit up. As for its taste, it even gets more potent as it is like tasting ammonia. But users claim that this weed is pleasantly delightful as the aftertaste of sweet citrus and herbal flavors will be made present.

What are the Medical Benefits of Critical Widow (fem)?

Critical Widow marijuana strain has proven that it can be of use when it comes to aiding in the treatment of various medical disorders. Its medicinal value touches both the physical and mental aspects of treatment. Medical cannabis users will enjoy this weed if they are burdened by stress, anxiety, and depression as the total upliftment of the patient’s mood will lock away all those cynical thoughts clouding the patient’s mind.  Its mildly sedating qualities are perfect for those suffering from chronic pain, minor joint pains, and headaches.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Critical Widow (fem)

Critical Widow cannabis strain has a few adverse reactions which are not seriously threatening. For those who are not too experienced with this weed, its high THC levels may throw off the user and cause paranoia and anxiety. Just taking a few tokes and getting used to the high as it slowly builds up is the best remedy if the users opt to continue enjoying this weed.

This plant also gives its users a dry mouth with dry and reddish eyes. This can be easily remedied by taking in lots of liquids to keep hydrated as the high lasts. For the drying of the eyes, it is recommended to purchase eye drops with moisturizing effects.

How to Grow Critical Widow (fem)

Critical Widow (fem) seeds are hard to come by. The best option to try to grow these will be through acquiring clippings of this marijuana strain and producing clones. Once clones have been produced, the rest will be easy to grow as this plant does not require any special growing technique for it to flourish. The plant needs lots of sunlight and warm weather with a dry setting. For indoor growers, adjusting the room climate controls to mimic the plants’ requirements will be great for the plant. As long as humidity is kept low especially during the flowering stage, then expect this to be ready for harvest in 8 to 9 weeks with 14 ounces of high-quality weed per square meter.

Outdoor growing will also pose no problem if these warm sunny and low humidity levels are present. The Critical Widow cannabis strain is exposed to all that nature can offer and it is in its natural growing habitat so expect flowering in 8 to 9 weeks and 17 ounces of fresh buds per plant.