Critical Mass 5 Pack


Critical Mass marijuana strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that delivers a potent heavy body stone and euphoric upliftment. This weed is known for its production of humongous buds that could easily snap a branch if not properly staked or trellised. Its bag appeal has a combination of a refreshing skunky and citrusy flavor with a sweet and pungent earthiness. Known to be an effective medicinal cannabis strain for its high CBD content, this weed is the complete package that everyone should try!

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Critical Mass cannabis strain has a THC level of 20% with an outstanding CBD content of 5%. It has a potent sedative high that is paired with a happy and uplifting stimulation that will leave users feeling heavy and sleepy on its comedown. These medium to tall growing plants are visually appealing with their large and dense buds covered in frosty white resin fully adorned with bright orange pistils.

Origin Of Critical Mass

Critical Mass weed strains have a genetic makeup of 80% Indica to 20% Sativa. This is a result of crossing the pure Indica landrace Afghani and the legendary energetic Skunk #1 cannabis strain, making it a potent weed with profound mental and body highs that is accompanied by the refreshing and alluring fragrance.

Some claim that this weed has some Big Bud lineage, owing to its dense bud production and high yielding properties, making it a favorite strain to grow by cultivators as they not only produce high yield but they are easy to care for and grow.

Effects Of Critical Mass

Critical Mass strain effects start with an intense head buzzing that gives the ushers euphoria. This paves the way for mood upliftment where users feel genuine happiness within. Almost simultaneously, a warm sensation will engulf the user’s entire body as relaxation will start to set in. As their muscles start to loosen, relaxation turns into sedation and often leaves users in a trancelike state. This makes for a perfect combination that soothes and calms the body while enjoying a positive state of mind! Further toking on this weed will eventually lead the users to a deep and dreamless slumber.

Medical Uses Of Critical Mass

Critical Mass has been known to treat a variety of mental and physical conditions. With its high THC and CBD content, it is known as an effective organic alternative to treat pain-related conditions. Medical cannabis patients suffering from fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, migraines, and other acute and chronic pains, can find solace in the weed analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to numb their pains. The High CBD content is also a known anxiolytic that calms the mind. Pair this with its mood uplifting properties and it is an excellent treatment for those suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression. It will calm both mind and body and block out all the disturbing thoughts that linger in the user’s mind.

Taste And Aroma Of Critical Mass

The aroma from the buds of the Critical Mass strain has a refreshing fragrance of citrus and earthiness with hints of an ammonia-like odor of skunk. It gets even more pungent once the thick and creamy smoke touches the palate as the damp earthy flavors blend with a sweet honey-like flavor with a twist of skunky taste. As the smoke is exhaled, hints of citrus remain in the mouth to wash away all the skunkiness of the weed.

Growing Critical Mass Seeds

Critical Mass feminized weed strains are easy to cultivate and they are quite versatile to grow indoors or outdoors. They prefer a warm, sunny, and dry climate for them to thrive. These medium-sized plants need aid however in maximizing airflow and light penetration for an even and healthier growth. Pruning the lower fan leaves and some branches will remote better air circulation and allow light to deeply penetrate the inner parts of the plant. They will be ready for harvest in 6 to 8 weeks and produce yields of 400 to 600 grams of top-quality Critical Mass buds!

Critical Mass Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (80%)
Genetics Parents: Afghani Indica x Skunk #1
Flowering Period: 6-8 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, Mediterranean Climate
Yield: 300-400 grams per sqm/ 21 ounces per plant
Flavors: Citrus, Honey, Earthy, Sweet, and Skunky
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: 5%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: Late September
Growing Difficulty: Easy