Master Kush 5 Pack


Master Kush Feminized marijuana strain is a cross of two landrace strains which is from Hindu Kush Weed. Sun West Genetics delivers you top-grade seeds that are grown 100% organically. Growers and consumers don’t need to worry about synthetic chemicals that are used for creating sources. Sun West Genetics has different packaging depending on the number of seeds that customers desire to purchase.

Moreover, you don’t have to settle for second-rate seeds. Master Kush is one of the popular strains in the market since it garnered awards in the Highest Cannabis Cup awards. No surprise, it is noticed by numerous Hollywood singers, actors, and producers. Master Kush has the complete package since it aims at the consumers’ mind and body relaxation. Master Kush has excellent genetics, and smoking promotes a full-body high.

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Origin Of Master Kush

Master Kush originates from the city of Netherland, Amsterdam. Master Kush only prefers a warm and Mediterranean climate since Master Kush prefers this kind of climate. It originated in a city that is well known for its resource of spaces and irrigation.

Effects Of Master Kush

Master Kush delivers a lengthy euphoric feeling that helps relieve stress, ending up with a sense of joy, refreshing and soothing. It has a complete body relaxation that can help smokers have a deep sleep. It also delivers users a unique feeling. It will make most users hooked to this euphoric high. Weed enthusiasts also say that it is way better than the OTC prescriptions for stress relief. It can help you mentally and physically since it has a powerful strength.

Medical Uses Of Master Kush

Master Kush has natural qualities in removing pain in the body, and it is the main medicinal effect of Master kush weed. It helps reduce the symptoms of headache, migraines, muscle pain, and arthritis. Furthermore, It also works pretty well on removing mental illnesses that are commonly treated by pharmacy prescriptions. These illnesses include depression, anxiety, PSTD, and sleeplessness. Besides its recreational and medicinal benefits, it can help boost the mood by enhancing performance and creativity. It also targets the consumer’s muscles and mind since it focuses more on relaxing the body.

Master Kush’s Flavor And Aroma

The flavor of Master Kush will provide you with a pleasant smoking experience. It comes in various flavors, including short, woody, and citrus, all of which are very tasty and make it easier to smoke. The aroma of Master Kush has been described as earthy, citrus, fragrant, mellow, intense, and sweet by marijuana users. The fragrance contributes significantly to the relaxing aspect of the strain.

Growing Master Kush

Growing Master Kush is a bit hard, but it gives an impressive yield. Beginners shouldn’t grow it since growers need proper care, control, and monitoring in successful growth. Weed growers find it a bit unique about Master Kush; It can yield up to 32oz to 64oz, which is pretty many. In just a few weeks before the weed is ready to harvest.

Master Kush Strain Specifications

Type: 80% Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Hindu Kush x Pure Skunk Strain
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
Climate: Temperate / Continental
Yield: 150-200 grams indoors/ 500grams outdoors
Flavors: Earthy, sweet, pungent, woody, citrus
THC Level: 18%
CBD Level: 0.01%
Height: 3ft-5ft
Harvest Period: September to early October
Growing Difficulty: Easy