Critical Jack 5 Pack


Critical Jack marijuana strain is an evenly balanced Sativa of 50/50 Indica and Sativa, although sometimes some varieties have a Sativa leaning tendency. Having a balanced ratio, expect a combination of cerebral and a calming, relaxing high to offer its users. With a THC content that averages out at 20% and CBD of 0.1%, the potency of this strain is undeniably high. The Critical Jack genetic lineage is a cross between Critical Plus and Jack Herer cannabis strains. The resulting Critical Jack is has been a very popular weed that has reached Europe and has won an award being named the Best Sativa in 1994.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical Jack (fem)

Critical Jack cannabis strain’s balanced ratio means the user will be getting the best of both worlds from this great cannabis strain. At the onset, a mellow buzz will uplift the user’s mood and improves his focusing abilities by paying attention to one idea or task at a time. It has energy-boosting capabilities that some say is like taking two shots of espresso. Also blending greatly with its cerebral effects are the Indica properties this train also offers. A creeping wave of relaxing high will slowly envelop the entire body until it settles down and gives the user a total tranquil body high, without promoting any feelings of lethargy.

The Critical Jack weed strain offers a very light smoke which is preferred by many since it will avoid coughing once it is inhaled. Its ordinary-looking nugs are deceiving because once you catch a whiff of its aroma, it blends in a great mix of sweet piney aroma with citrus fragrance. Some floral notes add to its feminine scent. Its scent is almost similar to what one gets to smell however peppery notes are tasted paving way for a smooth inhale and equally pleasing exhale.

What are the Medical Benefits of Critical Jack (fem)?

Medical Cannabis patients look for this strain to provide them with a variety of medicinal aid. Its mood uplifting qualities and euphoric high are great ways to combat stress, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. But clearing the mind from all cynical thoughts that cloud the user’s mind, this weed offers a positive vibe and disposition to the patient and shields his mind away from those horrific thoughts. It s energy-boosting capabilities are an effective way to fight off stress and fatigue. The mildly sedating qualities of these cannabis strains are a perfect way to rid the patient of minor pains like headaches, backaches, and muscle cramping. Lastly,  after about an hour into the high, the user will start to feel an uncontrollable need for the munchies, therefore making this weed an effective treatment for people suffering from eating disorders.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Critical Jack (fem)

As with any other marijuana strain, Critical Jack cannabis causes dry mouth and dry eyes. This can be easily remedied by keeping hydrated before, during, and after the high. AS for the drying of the eyes, simple moisturizing eye drops would do the trick.

How to Grow Critical Jack (fem)

This weed is considered a very easy to grow strain and can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. This plant tends to grow tall, so regular trimming of the tops are recommended to promote lateral growth where side branches are new growth points for flowers. This marijuana strain loves warm, sunny, and semi-humid conditions, so indoors or outdoor climates should mimic these growing conditions so the plant will grow healthy and produce optimal yields. Flowering starts and is ready for harvest in 8 to 9 weeks and yields will be a generous 21 ounces indoors and 42 ounces outdoors.