Critical Autoflower 5 Pack


Critical Autoflowering cannabis strain is an indica dominant with a genetic makeup of primarily indica genetics and a certain amount of sativa and ruderalis genetics. Critical crossbreeding and an autoflowering variety of cannabis produced the strain. The effect was a strain of limited scale but with large outputs for its size. The iconic powerhouse maker, Essential Autoflowering, puts together quickly flowering genetics. Classic skunk and Afghan characteristics that make the photoperiod parent popular have been sustained, with auto-flowering and improved resistance adding ruderalis. The sensation created by smoking this auto-flowering strain is primarily a stoning body, being an Indica dominant strain. The soothing and narcotic results arising from the strain’s ingestion turn it into a cigarette ideal for home usage in the evening and night.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Critical Autoflowering Strain?

The scent profile of the Critical Autoflowering strain is one of the most noticeable traits of essential autoflowering. Its flowers are sugar, berries, earthiness, and hashish in smell. The flavor profile of the strain is almost as impressive. The taste buds are massaging after you take a toke from a joint jammed full of strong autoflowering flavor of nuts and berries.

Critical Auto strain’s stoning results are not particularly appropriate for daytime usage when doing activities and doing jobs. Also, the high heat created by the tension is more calm than energetic on the end of the continuum. The high calms the mind into a relaxed, meditative condition, increases sleep, and decreases tension.

How to Grow Critical Auto Seed?

During the growing cycle, critical auto-flowering stays at a short height and barely reaches 90cm. The process makes it simple to develop indoors and is therefore easy to hold secret and privately owned in regions of the world that do not tolerate cultivation. The plant’s self-flowering aspect often allows it to grow and appeals very much too inexperienced growers. The strain usually passes from a tiny seed to a fully cultivated flowering plant in a brief amount of time. These features make the plant a common alternative for growers restricted by space and want to have a stash ready as soon as possible.