Critical 2.0 5 Pack


Just the way upgrades are supposed to be, the Critical 2.0 is a remarkable upgrade from the already potent Critical line of hybrids. This cannabis strain was created by crossing The original Critical strain to its upgraded version, Critical+, the result is an even more rehashed version of its parents. With a THC level that ranges between 17% to 22%, expect a great combination of mental and physical highs that cannabis enthusiasts will love!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical 2.0 (fem)

Critical 2.0 marijuana strain effects are a combination of multiple cerebral stimulations while enjoying a sedating body high. Its psychoactive effects can even put seasoned veterans in awe as it delivers a powerful euphoric buzz at the onset. It is best to consume this weed at the start of the day as it will provide the user a strong energy boost that will last for quite a while. This revitalizing strain will add a skip to the normal cadence of steps of the user as they will eagerly face any task given to them at the workplace. This motivated high makes for a very productive weed. As the user is getting settled in with all the cerebral activities circling their minds, the warm wave of tingling sensation will creep in and gently wrap the entire body in a subtle yet smooth calm. As the Indica effects heighten, the user is placed in a deeply relaxed manner but still maintains his active presence at work.

The aroma of the Critical 2.0 bud is a wonderful experience of mixing several scents that blend beautifully together.  Pungent notes of lemon, spices, and pine all mix to offer the user a pleasing aroma setting the mood for the euphoric and relaxing smoke. Its taste profile is just as delightful as its aroma as a medley of citrus, herbs, and pine becomes enhanced and greets the taste buds wonderfully. As the smoke is exhaled, a hint of peppery goodness comes as an aftertaste.

How to Grow Critical 2.0 (fem)

Being a very sturdy strain, Critical 2.0 feminized is a marijuana cultivator’s dream. They prefer to grow in warm, sunny, and semi-humid to humid conditions. They are indoor/outdoor growing plants and have developed a strong resistance to moisture build-up thus they have been bred to be mold and mildew resistant, making them a very easy plant to grow. They will start flowering in 6 to 8 weeks and yield a generous harvest of 700 grams of top-quality weed indoors and 900 grams of fresh buds outdoors.