Creamsicle 5 Pack


Creamsicle is an indica leaning hybrid that has a 65 to 35 Indica to Sativa ratio. Ironic as it may seem but this Indica-dominant weed is considered a great wake and bake smoke to perk up someone’s day. This is best used in the morning as its long-lasting high will keep the user actively involved at work for a long time. With a modest THC level of 16% to 17%, this quick-hitting weed will mesmerize both recreational and medical cannabis in no time. With an undetermined lineage, this weed offers a cerebral stimulation combined with subtle yet sedating body highs!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Creamsicle (fem)

With a moderate THC level, the Creamsicle cannabis strain can still pack a punch. This weed is suited for novice smokers who are adventurous enough to kick it up a notch higher and try stronger hitting ganja. Just a few hits of this cannabis and a powerful jolt of energy will have the user’s head buzzing in delight. A feeling of being ready to face any task assigned to you will be felt as their moods are also uplifted. Suddenly the user will feel a genuine happiness wrap around his mind as his mind is cleared away of cobwebs and an increased focus on things makes things more clearer to comprehend. This makes for a very productive smoke as the Indica effect is a mellow relaxing feeling that is just enough to keep the muscles loose and nerves calm without being in a state of lethargy.

Its appearance is a sight to behold as its bright green buds are adorned with fiery orange pistils. A scattering of white trichomes fully cover the buds and its serrated green foliage adds depth to this visual delight. Its aroma on the other hand has a strong citrusy scent with hints of cloves, spices, and skunky earth. As one lights it up the flavors tend to explode as it is more enhanced bringing Citrus flavors to a new level with that familiar earthy taste of cannabis. Cinnamon and cloves come in as the smoke is exhaled.

How to Grow Creamsicle (fem)

Creamsicle feminized weed strain is an indoor and outdoor plant making it an easy strain to grow. They prefer to be growing in warm and sunny conditions. Being a plant of medium built, the need to top them will keep the weed from excessively growing too tall. This will also induce lateral growth wherein the new branches are potential growth points for new buds to form. Once they are kept happy and thriving, they will start flowering and be ready for harvest in 8 to 10 weeks and yield an average harvest of high-quality Creamsicle cannabis.