Cookie Dog Autoflower 5 Pack


Cookie Dog Auto strain is an indica-dominant hybrid (70%) strain created by crossing Chemdawg with Girl Scout Cookies’ sweet taste. This bud is very mild and focuses only on your mind. Cookie Dog marijuana takes the subtle flavor of Girl Scout Cookies and makes it more intense using many chemicals.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Cookie Dog Auto  Marijuana Strain?

Cookie Dog weed strain takes the sweet, nutty taste of Girl Scout Cookies and turns it up a notch by adding a hard chemical kick that can make you cough. When the nugs are torn apart, the fragrance retains Girl Scout Cookies’ sweet herbiness, with a mellow touch of nutty vanilla. The Cookie Dog Auto high hits you as you’re coughing, enveloping your mind and mood in pure bliss, complete with a case of laughter and a feeling of euphoria that leaves you grinning from ear to ear. When your happiness increases, you’ll get the carvings and find yourself snacking.

How to Grow Cookie Dog Autoflower Seed?

Cookie Dog, an autoflower Indica dominant, can be grown from 8 to 9 weeks with a medium yield on their buds. This flower has a piece package with a popcorn-like nug that’s bluish-green with large orange hairs poking out and several amber crystal trichomes covering the nugs. This weed strain must have excellent airflow, outstanding levels of humidity, and healthy air circulation.