Clementine 5 Pack


Clementine marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will provide you with a great way to start your day. This weed will give the users an energizing and revitalizing effect which users love to use to put a pep in their work attitude or any task they are doing. With a 60% Sativa to 40% Indica ratio, this weed will offer a  variety of mind and body high which smokers enjoy. A THC level of 18%, expect a powerful cerebral high that will also give a euphoric and relaxed feeling to be enjoyed. With a genetic background coming from Tangie crossed with lemon Skunk marijuana strains, expect a full-bodied citrus explosion of aroma and flavors.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Clementine (fem)

Clementine marijuana strains offer an assortment of effects that the user can enjoy. It has a balanced high which represents the deeply relaxing effects of an Indica and the reinvigorating and energizing effect of a Sativa. Being a re-energizing weed, it is best to consume this strain during the daytime to perk up your day. A lot of people who have tried this strain claim that this works better than coffee in making you feel alert and enthusiastic. Its uplifting effect will encourage the user to feel optimistic and stay positive while the high lasts. The friendliness that people feel when smoking this weed will be very infectious and it is best to share this smoke with willing co-workers. Its relaxing feature will give the users time to soothe their stressed up muscles and enjoy the high even more.

The physical appearance of this cannabis strain is tall with very large flowers. These buds are fully coated in trichomes. Its vibrant yellow-green leaves make for a great contrast to its dark orange pistils.

The Clementine marijuana strain aroma is a sweet and citrusy combination of oranges and lemons mixed with some earthy and pine scents which are not overpowering. Just as its smell, the taste of this weed is an explosion of citrus wonders. The lemon-flavored smoke will linger in the lips as the smoke is exhaled.

What are the Medical Benefits of Clementine (fem)?

Medical Cannabis practitioners often look up to this strain to provide them with instant relief from several medical ailments. It offers aid in both physical and mental illnesses. Clementine weed hits strong and quickly, making it a favorite for those who want instant effects. Heightened alertness and jolt of energy will be best to treat disorders stemming from fatigue and stress. Further, the mood uplifting plus clear minded focus characteristics are a sure fire way to relieve people suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. By clearing the mind from thoughts of negativity, the user will feel elated that all in his thoughts are euphoric happy feelings.

Medical cannabis smokers of Clementine marijuana attest that this wed has a mild and soothing sedative effect which is a perfect way to relieve them from minor pains such as headaches, joint pains, and backaches.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Clementine (fem)

The primary complaint of those smoking Clementine is having a dry mouth. But this is common to most marijuana strains. Another is having really dry and red eyes. But these are minor trade-offs for having any prevailing ailment cured.

How to Grow Clementine (fem)

Clementine (fem) can be grown indoors or outdoors, They prefer warm, sunny, and semi-humid conditions for them to be happy and thrive. They are quite easy to grow and only the regular trimming of the top is recommended as they grow quite tall. Since this is a feminized version, expect mostly a female production when germinating the seeds. Flowering time is usually 8 to 9 weeks and growers will be rewarded with 11 ounces indoors and 15 ounces outdoors.