Chronic Widow 5 Pack


Chronic Widow marijuana strain is an Indica leaning hybrid that balances a great euphoric high with a deep relaxing characteristic. With a 65% Indica to 35% Sativa ratio, this strain will also initially give the users a powerful energy boost that is motivational and uplifting but once this wears down, expect a sudden feeling of calm and relaxing bliss but not to the point of putting the user in a couch-locked state. The Chronic Widow genetics is a result of cross-breeding Chronic weed with the White Widow strain. With a THC level that can go as high as 23%, expect a potency of cerebral effects to envelop the user’s body and giving them a peaceful and serenely relaxed feeling.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Chronic Widow (fem)

Chronic Widow effects hit fast and hard. As soon as you exhale, a head high of euphoric and spacey high that is full of energy will be buzzing in the user’s mind immediately. All those worrying thoughts that cloud a user’s mind disappear and what happens is a total upliftment of the mood. A few minutes after, this cerebral high slowly fades and invites a full-body high that will slowly creep in, starting in the head moving down to the toes. This powerful physical high does not bring the user to any couch-locked state, instead, it gives a feeling of being fully energized. This balances out the Indica effect of being glued to your seat. The smoker will be looking for more to be done as his head is clear from any distractions. Increasing the dose of this strain will eventually put the user in a deep sedative state and this is when the Indica effects kick in. As the user is in a euphoric and relaxed state, this weed will make the smoker sleepy and a date with the bed is most likely to happen.

The aroma emitted from the buds of this weed is an earthy pleasant one, this is mixed with spicy and creamy flavors that tend to be quite pungent. The taste is reminiscent of the Indian tea called chai, which is creamy yet has strong undertones of spiciness and herbal goodness.

What are the Medical Benefits of Chronic Widow (fem)?

The initial intention of the breeders of Chronic Widow was for it to be enjoyed as a recreational strain, however, due to the variety of potent effects this strain offers, medical cannabis patients have looked to this weed in aiding some of their mental and physical disorders.

The euphoria that this Chronic Widow (fem) produces is a great way to escape from the doldrums. As the user starts to be out of touch with reality, he starts to enjoy the feeling of this weed, They are now in a state where there are no worries that bother them. This has been a great way to fight anxiety and even depression. An aura of positivity will invade the user’s mind and make him feel utter happiness with himself and everything that surrounds him.

The body high of this weed relaxes the muscles and eases any tightness the patient may feel and make him move freely around as if there was no pain anymore. These pain management effects of Chronic Widow will aid in easing those suffering from backaches and even migraines. This wonderful weed offers a perfect balance of relieving both mental and physical conditions.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chronic Widow (fem)

As with other Indica strains, Chronic Widow marijuana will lead to dryness of the mouth and dry eyes. Smoking too much of this weed will lead to paranoia and anxiety for those who are not used to a heavy psychotic effect, thus it is recommended to take the dose slowly and adjust as one gets used to it.

How to Grow Chronic Widow (fem)

This weed is not for the novice grower. She is picky when it comes to soil nutrition, temperatures and lighting availability. So it is highly recommended to grow this plant indoors. A Mediterranean climate is best for Chronic Widow to grow. So if growing indoors, adjust the climate settings to mimic a warm, sunny, and dry. This weed also needs to have lower humidity levels especially during flowering time as they tend to be susceptible to mold growth. So lessening the presence of water vapor in the air will help this plant thrive and fight off humidity issues. The brighter the lights that touch the buds, the bigger, denser, and resin-rich the buds will be. Trying to grow it outdoors will be more challenging as the grower has no control over nature and since this is a picky plant, it is best to grow it indoors. But if you are successful outdoors expect this weed to be flowering in 10 weeks from germination (same with indoor growing) and yields will be 16 ounces per square meter indoors and 20 ounces per plant outdoors.