Chocolate Pudding Fast Version 5 Pack


Chocolate Pudding Fast Version is a hybrid marijuana strain that has mostly Indica characteristics. Combining the potent Chocolope and Indica-dominant Kosher Kush, this herb is distinguished by its sweet and dessert-like flavors and aromas. This Indica-leaning has a potency that’s measured around 20%.When it comes to its potency and impact, the strain is as powerful as its aroma and flavors. It’s not only delicious but is also very effective for recreational and medicinal uses. If you’re looking for intense relaxation with mental clarity and a sweet and flavorful experience, Chocolate Pudding Fast Version will certainly not disappoint.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Chocolate Pudding Fast Version?

Regarded as a delectable strain, the Chocolate Pudding Fast version strain is composed of your favorite coffeehouse scents with a little bit of twist. The very distinct and sweet aroma of chocolate with strong undertones of coffee and hints of vanilla. Moreover, the full-bodied aroma has also some earthy notes to it. As for the flavors, the weed tastes like rich cocoa and toasted coffee. It also has slight touches of herbs and an earthy impression.

The effects of this fast version of the Chocolate Pudding have a slow yet smooth and easy onset, making it a user-friendly option for novice cannabis users. Its energizing and mental relief with a shot of euphoria can cause happiness, focus, and creativity alongside upbeat sensations that can truly elevate the mood, allowing users to work and focus on their tasks. After an hour or so, a soothing and thorough physical relaxation can be experienced, calming the nerves, muscles, and just the entire body. This tasty strain is best savored during the afternoon or early evening when its high steps down from large energy into relaxation.

How to Grow Chocolate Pudding Fast Version?

This cannabis plant can be grown indoors or out. However, the Chocolate Pudding Fast Version is best grown outdoors where it calls for a warm, semi-humid, and Mediterranean-like climate. Being created as a fast version, this makes the plant’s growing process easier and earlier. The sturdy herb can finish flowering within only 7-9 weeks.

Due to its hardy structure, it can easily adapt to various environments as well as changes in both weather and temperatures. It is also highly recommended to be constantly pruned or trimmed. Moreover, the plant can also perform well using the Sea of Green method. When all the conditions are met, growers can expect decent yields of about 400-600G which can be ready for harvest in October.