Chocolate Gelato 5 Pack


Chocolate Gelato marijuana strain is a hybrid that offers an intense high but is more known for its globally renowned flavors and scents. This is a flavorful weed that is a product of crossing the highly potent Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and the deliciously fruity sunset Sherbet marijuana strains. With a THC level that ranges from 20% to 25%, expect a potent variety of cerebral stimulations combined with a fully relaxing, but not couch-locking, body high.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Chocolate Gelato Feminized

The effects of Chocolate Gelato can be a very potent mix of both mental stimulation and physical body relaxation. With its high THC levels, and having a GCS phenotype as a parent strain, its strain may be powerful to cause newcomers to feel anxious or even paranoid when taken. It is known to hit quickly. As quick as noticing its effects even before the initial toke is exhaled. It can cause hallucinogenic highs that make it a hard-core cannabis enthusiasts glee in delight! It also has body-numbing properties that make it a perfect medicinal weed for those suffering from pain-related ailments.

It starts with a head rush that will leave the user’s mind buzzing in delight as a gush of euphoria will fill up the user’s feelings. A jolt of energy will lead the mind to race with a sudden alteration of the senses. The energetic level of the high will make the mind believe that they are in a hallucinogenic realm where visual and auditory perceptions are all enhanced and intensified.  Images look distorted and sounds will be much louder and will sound like they are inside a water tunnel. If that is not enough, once the indica kicks in a sudden warm wave of sprint tingling sensation will immediately plunge the user into a deeply numbing high. This effect is not overeating as the user still enjoys the sensory distortions while the body is in a deep state of tranquility. If one wants to try this strain it is best to do it at home to get used to its effects before bravely traveling outside.

Chocolate Gelato aroma is a celebration of chocolatey and fruity goodness mixed with that cannabis earthy scent. It’s Flavors are just like its smell as powerful notes of chocolate explode in the mouth with a great blending of earthy and fruity flavors. A slight hint of herbal flavor is evident once the thick creamy smoke is exhaled.

How to Grow Chocolate Gelato Feminized

Chocolate Gelato is an easy weed to cultivate and it can be grown either outdoors or indoors. Being a Sativa leaning strain, they prefer to be growing in warm and sunny environments. Since this is a medium to tall growing plant, topping off its canopy is recommended to promote more lateral growth. The newly developed branches can be potential growth points for new buds to pop up. They will start to flower and be ready for harvest in 8 to 9 weeks and yield a decent above-average yield.