Cherry Blaster Fast Version 5 Pack


Regarded as a landrace-driven hybrid, the Cherry Blaster Fast Version is an Indica-dominant strain that is created by crossing an Afghani Indica and a Thai Sativa that was backcrossed with its original Thai parent strain and then crossed again with another hybrid, the Lost Coast OG. Due to the complex crossing of this weed, it is known to have great potency. It comes in fruity and earthy flavors and scents that are associated with well-balanced effects. The weed’s versatility and effects are a great option for both seasoned and novice cannabis users who want to experience the best of both Indica and Sativa effects of the Cherry Blaster Fast version. And with the fast version, it makes the strain responsible for increasing the density and amount of the yields in just a short amount of time.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Cherry Blaster Fast Version?

When accurately cured, Cherry Blaster Fast version’s buds give off strong cherry notes and faintly floral hints. There is also a pungent aroma that’s reminiscent of diesel, due to one of its parent strains, but is overpowered by powerful overtones of the sweetness of fruits. Meanwhile, the taste is smooth and easy with fruity and cherry flavors, and underneath are earthy notes that give off a tropical sensation.

The strain’s high THC level is the reason why its high and its effects are very potent yet well-balanced in their own right. It produces a mind and body high that hits quite instantly. At the onset, users will feel a powerful head buzz with wonderful mental energy and clear-headed focus that is ideal for social situations and stimulating conversations. After the mind, the high comes creeping towards the body wherein the Indica part of the strain emerges. A pervasive feeling of relaxation can be felt throughout the whole body but does not lead to couchlock situations. Because of this herb’s versatility, it is the ideal choice for daytime or evening use.

How to Grow Cherry Blaster Fast Version?

In cultivation, just like in smoking, the Cherry Blaster Fast Version remains to be also very versatile. That is why breeders love growing the strain because its yield is higher than average and can be very easy to grow, especially for those inexperienced growers. This fast version finishes flowering quite early within just around 7-8 weeks.

The cannabis plant can be grown in both an indoor or outdoor setup. But it flourishes best in a consistently warm, semi-humid, or temperate climate, making it somewhat resistant to rough conditions, changing climates, and pests and molds. As this plant can reach medium heights, it is best to train them early through trimming or pruning. Regular intake of nutrients and fertilizer is also encouraged to be done. Harvests can reach up to 400-600G and can be collected around mid to late October.