Candy Haze 5 Pack


Candy Haze is a Sativa leaning hybrid that offers its users a combination of mental and physical highs that will leave its users in awe of the potent blending of effects. With a THC level of about 20%, which can go higher on other phenotypes, this weed can offer a powerful kick that cannabis enthusiasts will love! This weed is a product of crossing the fruity Zkittles strain with the legendary Haze strain, the product is this Sativa inducing high with a mild body stone weed.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Candy Haze (fem)

The Candy Haze marijuana strain effects are mostly Sativa induced and it will offer its users potent mental stimulation that will keep the user happily enjoying this high. At the onset, a buzzing sensation will start in the head and users will be in a euphoric state, this sudden happiness is coupled with an enhancement in their mood. This positive state of mind is a great way for users to rid themselves of any negative feelings. As the cerebral high progress, the user gets to have a more focused and clear mind. Finally, a burst of energy will give the user alertness, making them productive throughout the day. These effects are what cannabis users look for when using this strain!

As the mental stimulation is going on, a wave of warm tingling sensation will cloak the user’s entire body and a deeply relaxing, and calming effect is felt. This tranquility is just enough to give the user a  mild relaxation giving them a chance to keep on working while their mind and body are in a calm state.

The aroma of Candy Haze is that of sweet and citrus scent merging with that familiar earthy aroma of weed. As the bud is lit and smoke passes through the tastebuds, an even more pungent citrusy flavor will be tasted with a beautiful blending in of damp earth, A faint note of peppery spiciness will come as an aftertaste.

How to Grow Candy Haze (fem)

Growing Candy Haze cannabis strain is very easy as this weed just needs some TLC to make them thrive. Being a Sativa strain with a parental lineage of landrace strains from tropical and warm countries, this bud prefers a warm, sunny and semi-humid climate to be happily growing. They can be grown indoors or outdoors and once ready, they will start flowering in 9 weeks with an average yield produced.