California Dream 5 Pack


California Dream Feminized is an Indica-dominant hybrid that can send users flying into a dreamy high. Also known as Cali Dream, this strain is bred from crossing two powerful landraces, an Afghani Indica and Mexican Sativa. The result was a potent strain with a THC content that reaches up to 19%. It offers Afghani’s body-soothing sensation and Mexican’s head-uplifting buzz. Together with its skunky yet deliciously sweet flavor profile, this strain can invigorate its users for the day while smoothly blending a chill and calm vibe. Meanwhile, its seeds are actually easy to take care of, in which beginners or veteran growers can have an enjoyable time cultivating them. Adding also its feminized trait, growers won’t have to segregate male plants and focus instead on giving the plant the best care possible. Once harvest time comes, growers can’t be blamed when they sweat get overwhelmed at its insanely rewarding harvest.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of California Dream Feminized?

California Dream Feminized is an immensely pungent and sweet-smelling plant. It has a skunky aroma as a base but this is coupled with a sweet fruity tone. When toked, this strain offers the same flavor as the scent but surprisingly adds a citrus and minty twist that will truly delight cannabis connoisseurs. As a topping on top, it also leaves a herbal aftertaste that will linger on the mouth for the entirety of the high.

In regards to California Dream’s high, this strain first induces a smooth and long-lasting cerebral high. Users will often find themselves uplifted and motivated which paves way for creative ideas to flow inside the users. This leads to a boost of productivity for those with artistic inclinations and even for those trying to conceptualize ideas at work. However, no matter how pumped the drive to do tasks can be, a physical buzz will come into play and this will place the user in a deeply relaxed state. Users are freed from bodily discomforts and the soothing sensation will compel them to laze around and savor the comfort. Although users become too relaxed to exert strenuous actions, they can still move around and not be couch-locked. As long as it’s not physically demanding activities, users can maybe choose to keep writing their paperwork or finish painting some artworks. This strain is simply a perfectly decent strain that offers users an option. They can either enjoy a pleasant leisure time, get productive at work, or do both.

What are the Medical Benefits of California Dream Feminized?

California Dream Feminized is also sought-after by medical cannabis patients due to its effective therapeutic applications. It is most popular for patients with chronic stress, general anxiety, and depression since this strain has anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. It is also commonly used by those with chronic pain all around their bodies, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and back pains thanks to the relief induced by its analgesic effects. While those with insomnia can also use this strain to help prompt drowsiness. And those suffering from appetite problems can have their appetite stimulated with the strain’s munchies effect.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from California Dream Feminized 

Similar to all cannabis strains, California Dream Feminized can cause cottonmouth and dry yes to users who are not well hydrated. These effects are easy to avoid by keeping themselves hydrated all the time. Besides that, this strain’s potency may cause dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety to overwhelmed users. This happens especially for those who take too many doses than they can handle or newbies who still have a low THC tolerance. As such, smoking in moderation is advised to users of all experience levels to assure an enjoyable smoking experience.

How to Grow California Dream Feminized 

California Dream Feminized is an easy strain to look after. It is hardy and naturally resistant to plant diseases and pests, making it thrive despite minimal supervision. It can probably thrive on its own but giving it some basic care and nourishment will help achieve its best harvest. The seeds grow tall into a plant with a height between 90 to 120 cm, developing vivid green nugs and foliage that has yellow pistils and covered in thick resin. Its branches are pretty robust since it will be carrying massive yields when the harvest period comes. Growing this strain indoors is best done with a Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) setup as they help the strain increase its productivity. But opting for a SOG will require growers to do regular pruning on the lower parts to add airflow and decrease moisture buildup. After a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks, growers can then expect a huge harvest yield of around 500 grams per square meter. While for those who opt to grow outdoors can do it in a sunny, temperate, or cool climate. Having direct access to sunlight drastically improves its growth and so growers should make sure to place it in a location with ample sunlight. Then during the middle of October, growers can then celebrate reaping a massive harvest yield of around 800 grams per plant.