Bonkers 5 Pack


Bonkers marijuana strain was bred specifically to withstand the cool forest weather of British Columbia. Coming from a genetic lineage of hardy strains, Grapefruit, Purple Indica, and Burmese Ruderalis, this equally hardy plant has very sedating characteristics with a mix of a and intense cerebral high. With a THC content that maxes out at 23%, this 70% Indica-dominant hybrid provides a healthy combination of fruity sweetness along with its powerful physical and mental stimulation that both recreational and medical cannabis users enjoy!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Bonkers (fem)

Bonkers cannabis strain is not a weed to mess with. With a name like Bonkers, one might be deceived that this is a teeny weed strain, but this weed can make users intensely high! It starts with a buzzing in the head that brings out a euphoric stimulation giving the user a genuine feeling of happiness and mood upliftment. They are full of positive vibes that they will carry for a long time. Fits of giggles come randomly as a smile is constantly etched in the user’s face. Then a creeping warm wave tingles the spine and is spread throughout the body. The user is now feeling the effects of the Indica and is in a tranquil state where their muscles and limbs will start to feel heavy. Once it hits its apex, being couch-locked will be inevitable. The user is in a deeply sedated mode and the urge to move or accomplish unfinished tasks is out of the question. This prolonged lethargic state will eventually lure the user to a deep, undisturbed slumber. Being so, this weed is best enjoyed at night where it is safe to loathe around.

Bonkers has a fruity aroma and taste, It emits a tropical vibe once one catches a whiff of this weed. It gets more intense as the bud is lit and the creamy smoke touches the tongue. Pungent flavors of fruits blending in with an earthy cannabis taste make it a very flavorful strain. As the creamy smoke is exhaled, hints of floral notes are noticeable and stick to the lips after the smoke is exhaled.

How to Grow Bonkers (fem)

It is very easy to grow bonkers Feminized weed strains. This is a cultivator’s dream strain as it also rewards its growers with an above-average yield. As mentioned earlier, they were bred to grow in the forests of British Columbia so they love cooler temperatures and a humid environment. They can be grown indoors or outdoors as long as these growing conditions are suitable for this plant to thrive. They will start flowering and be ready for harvest in 7 to 8 weeks and produce a hefty above-average yield of sweet weed!