Blueberry Pancakes 10 Pack


Blueberry Pancakes Strain Parentals

Blueberry Pancakes Cannabis Strain

Blueberry Pancakes is the product of a collaborative pheno hunt at Wave Rider Nursery. After three generations of careful selection and backcrossing, we’re stoked to finally release Blueberry Pancakes! This plant stacks heavy, vibrant, bright green, trichome covered nugs with a sickeningly sweet syrup nose making this purple flaked mama an epic addition to our legendary Blueberry line.

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  • Available: Fem
  • Parentals: Blueberry Pancakes x Slurricane x ppd
  • Ind / Sat: Sativa Leaning Hybrid
  • Photoperiodic Flowering: 60 Days, Oct.1st-15th
  • Flavor / Taste / Smell: Sweet Syrup, Blueberries
  • Effect: Comforting, Uplifting, Joyful High
  • %THC: 31%
  • Characteristics: Exotic, Purple Accents, Unique Smell