Blueberry Autoflower 5 Pack


Taste the delicious Blueberry Autoflower strain, known for its fruity aromas and flavors. It has a very high THC that gives you a relaxing and calming effect perfect to conclude a busy day. It is an award-winning strain among the favorites of people who want to grow an auto strain that can give them high yields.

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Blueberry Autoflower 

The Classic Crowd Favorite

Since its inception in the 1970s, Blueberry has always been a crowd favorite. This strain is known for its fruity flavor with mind-blowing effects. As such, it is no wonder why the strain has won countless awards. Its soaring THC levels allow a satisfying, relaxing effect that helps cap a stressful day at work. This strain is heavily favored by many who want to spend the rest of the day chilling or vibing inside their room or with the company of friends.

With its stable Ruderalis genetics, Blueberry Autoflower requires less supervision but provides a tremendous amount of yield for its grower. This strain is an excellent introductory weed for novice growers and promises a great experience for them.

Apart from its ease in cultivation and great recreational effects, Blueberry Autoflower boasts a wide array of benefits that many should take advantage of. A rewarding piece of marijuana to smoke, this weed should be shared by many.