Blue Cheese 5 Pack


Blue Cheese Feminized is an Indica-dominant hybrid that offers a unique and mouthful flavor with immense potency. It is born from crossing the all-time favorites Blueberry and UK Cheese. Blue Cheese Feminized inherited the joyful experience offered by both of its parents, as well as the contrasting flavor profiles. Blueberry is known for its sweet berry goodness while UK Cheese has its pungent blue cheese taste. Combining these flavors resulted in an exquisite yet delightful experience, and the same goes for the aroma. Even cannabis connoisseurs long to try out this cannabis delicacy.On the other hand, this strain is a great pick for novice growers. This is because Blue Cheese Feminized can thrive on its own thanks to its vigorous nature and high resilience to common plant problems. Moreover, its feminized trait makes it more convenient for growers since they won’t have to bother with male segregation. After a short flowering time, growers will definitely enjoy the sweet and pungent aroma of Blue Cheese feminized while harvesting its tremendous yields. While users can’t wait to finally have a whiff of this pleasantly amazing strain.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Blue Cheese Feminized?

Blue Cheese Feminized offers an odd yet welcoming scent of moldy cheese that had aged for years. But this pungent odor is mitigated by strong hints of sweet fruity berries, creating a uniquely interesting blend. The taste is translated similarly to the aroma but is creamier and the fruity flavors have hints of grapes. Exhaling then leaves a decadent fruity aftertaste that lingers around the lips, making users ask for more.

Blue Cheese Feminized is also recognized for its incredibly potent and long-lasting high. Boasting a THC level of around 20%, this strain can hit users fast with a euphoric rush that sets the mood right. This is then followed by a soothing physical sensation and builds up as time passes. All mental and physical stress disappears, and users are left in a blissful state while entranced by a deeply relaxing buzz all over the body. Some even experience a strong sense of hunger, often called the munchies effect, that makes all food taste divine. Soon, users will not be able to resist the body’s calling to close their eyes and lie down somewhere comfortable, eventually becoming couch-locked. The feeling is said to be like having their bodies carried away by calming waves while savoring their thoughts wander across the beauty of the cosmos.

However, users won’t fall asleep with this strain despite being dominated by Indica and this is due to the strong presence of Sativa effects. So users will remain lucid until the effects fade but will still leave a lingering positive vibe. This makes Blue Cheese strain ideal also for afternoons, but only if there are no more strenuous activities to do.

How to Grow Blue Cheese Feminized 

Blue Cheese Feminized growth and structure are influenced mostly by Indica genetics. Its seeds grow into short plants that reach a height of 80 cm with densely thick branches. It is very easy to grow whether indoors or outdoors due to its high resistance to pests, molds, and mildew. Making it a good start for first-time growers.

For those who opt to grow the plant indoors, its small size makes it convenient as it won’t occupy a lot of space. But the plant’s branchy nature would require growers to do the regular trimming. It is said that Blue Cheese Feminized responds well to hydroponics setup which helps achieve the best quality crops. While having a setup using organic soil is also a great option if growers would like to prioritize developing the terpene profile. The plant’s vigorous growth leads to a flowering time that takes 8 to 10 weeks. Around that time, the developing nugs are already oozing with the pungent smell of cheese and may come as borderline stinky. As such, setting up odor-control measures is advised indoors. When all conditions are favorable, growers can then expect a great harvest yield of around 500 grams per square meter.

While for those who plan to cultivate outdoors, Blue Cheese Feminized is best planted in a location with plenty of sunlight. It also thrives best in a sunny or temperate climate and growers should then be ready for harvest during the month of October. With proper care, the harvest should reach a generous yield of around 550 grams per plant.