Blue Amnesia Autoflower 5 Pack


Blue Amnesia Autoflower has a genetic composition consisting of 40% genetics of Sativa, 40% genetics of indica, and 20% genetics of Ruderalis. The cannabis strain was the offspring of Cannabis Ruderalis, Blueberry, and Amnesia strains. This fascinating blending of genetic makeup has led to an increase in a strain that quickly enters harvest time and provides a somewhat high THC content of up to 18%. Rich aromas of floral sweetness would then begin to fill the room which the crop occupies if Blue Amnesia Autoflower reaches its flowering phase. In addition, if being smoked, the flavor profile given by plants could be regarded as having sweet and bubblegum tastes. These variables really contribute to the experience of smoking and add to the high sensual pleasure, aspects that would stimulate and excite cannabis aficionados. The high THC level found in Blue Amnesia Autoflower flowers leads to a long-lasting and hard-hitting high with both Sativa and Indica effects. Knowledgeable smokers might also be amazed at how strong this weed can be.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Blue Amnesia Autoflower

It will not take much time for the plant to attack the sensations with a sweet sugary, blueberry aroma blended with powerful floral notes when these flowers start to emerge. On exhaling, it gives a tasty aftertaste of bubblegum. The experience of Blue Amnesia Autoflower is insanely deep and extremely cerebral from the outset. With a rush of euphoria, it blasts into the head, and but it might be disconcerting for malicious users, this mental stimulation quickly settles down and leaves the user with a clear-headed high. Sometimes, it leads to increased ambient responsiveness. Although it encourages an increase in the number of innovative thoughts and ideas, its focus-boosting characteristics help its users remain productive. This not only relaxes muscles but also warms tensions when the physical effects start swarming into the body. This begins as a sensation of uplifting, then deepens into a fullness that holds the limbs away. Soon on, Blue Amnesia Autoflower may offer a boost in energy levels, but laziness lays in and sooner or later manifests in great strength as the Indica characteristics start taking over. The overpowering impacts could also take on a new depth when used exceedingly. Rather than focusing entirely, as the consumers capitulate to intense auditory and visual distortions, mental stimulation could cause confusion. To a point of couch-lock, as well as the numbing body buzz, can intensify.

What are the Medical Benefits of Blue Amnesia Autoflower?

Blue Amnesia Autoflower was being used as cannabis medicine, it is said that stress relief is at the top of a list of benefits it provides. Its ability to change mood could help those people who are suffering from depression to move from desperation to cheerfulness. This may not be a remedy, but it can be quite comforting to have the respite it provides. It is also an alternative medicine that many long-time patients with serious illnesses have grown to admire as a natural pain reliever. The analgesic characteristics of the strain, paired with all its muscle-relaxing substances, can significantly minimize pains and aches in general. It is normal for consumers to get an overwhelming desire for food during elevation, however, some people use this to increase their appetite. People undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment, a side effect of which would be loss of appetite, have used it in specific. The Indica side of Blue Amnesia Autoflower and the packed tranquility it offers helps the users to chill out in peace and calm. Insomniacs could find the appropriate aid to obtaining quality sleep in their potential to stimulate sleepiness.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Blue Amnesia Autoflower

The adverse effect could be argued for hardcore consumers, these extreme narcotic impacts are perfect.  However, this should be stated, that some users may feel paranoid or anxious because of the intense psychoactive elevation, apart from the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth. Blue Amnesia Autoflower is great for late afternoon consumption when used in moderation, and you’ll be able to somehow get things accomplished. Sleep would also be just around the corner, after such a quick hit, and as the body starts falling into a state of relaxation.

How to Grow Blue Amnesia Autoflower

The flowering period of a normal Sativa plant is 10 to 12 weeks, and that’s not including the stages of germination and vegetation. But on the other hand, the Blue Amnesia Autoflower only takes a minimum of 6 weeks from seed to harvest. One different benefit of selecting strain over other seed types would be that the plants may not rely heavily on the light period. For such reasons, as soon as summer starts, weed-growers could really start planting and open new quantities by cloning, if wanted, till late October or early November. And it’s this chance of continued expansion and numerous harvests that, compared to normal or feminized variants, compensates for the smaller yields. The outdoor yield of 7 oz/plant by Blue Amnesia Autoflower is considerably higher than others because of its ilk. In alfresco setups, it clearly works better than indoors. This weed strain generates only 0.33 oz/sq meter under artificial lights. Once it reaches maturity, it features dark olive-green shaded buds within its bluish undercurrents the undeniable legacy of Blueberry coming through. Flowers are surrounded by bright orange hairs, so there is a gracious covering of amber icy trichomes.