Blood Orange Kush 5 Pack


Blood Orange Kush is a rare Indica-dominant hybrid that offers its users a combination of a mental buzz and physical relaxation. This strain is said to be a 3 way cross of the potent All of the Above (AOTA),  rare Pinecracker, and an unidentified OG cannabis strain. It has a moderate THC level that averages at 15%, but its intense high plus its classic lemon-citrus taste blending in beautifully with the all familiar earthy taste of cannabis, has made it a favorite of both recreational and medical cannabis enthusiasts!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Blood Orange Kush Feminized

The Blood Orange Kush cannabis strain just takes a few minutes to take effect. This quick-acting strain starts its high with a slight buzzing in the head that grows stronger as a feeling of euphoria drowns the user’s mind. Their moods are suddenly elevated giving them a positive perspective of things. Their minds are full of optimism and positivity as the high takes them to a play of mixed cerebral stimulations! A spike in the creative juices will also start to make the user focused on tasks that need careful and deep analytical thinking. AS it goes on, these cerebral effects will slowly start to mellow down and give way to full-body relaxation. This deeply tranquil state will send goosebumps all over the user’s body as a tingling sensation will travel down the spine of the user and make them feel soothed. This high can go on for hours and it is not lethargy inducing so this makes for a great daytime smoke as the user can happily and productively work while experiencing a full-body high.

Blood Orange Kush is the perfect indica for citrus lovers as its aroma and flavors are all about citrus and weed. A pungent smell of lemon mixing with a damp earthy note will fill up a room once a jar of this weed is opened and it is very inviting to light up a joint instantly. As the creamy smoke smoothly touches the taste buds, a strong citrusy flavor will pleasantly  fill-up the mouth, this blends well with the all too familiar earthy flavor of cannabis

How to Grow Blood Orange Kush Feminized

Blood Orange Kush Feminized cannabis is easy to grow and they prefer to grow in sunny, warm, and humid conditions. They can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. Since they are short-growing plants, the need to prune the lower branches and mature lower leaves is recommended. This will promote better air circulation within the plant and allow light to deeply penetrate the center of the plant for healthier and even growth. They will start flowering and will be ready for harvest in 9 to 10 weeks and will produce an average yield of Blood Orange Kush cannabis!