Blood Diamond OG 5 Pack


Blood Diamond OG Feminized is a pure Indica strain and is a clone of the all-time legend OG Kush. It is considered a modern version of the original that is easier to grow but still retains the delightful flavor and potent Indica relief. Even beginners will have a satisfying time cultivating this strain and the yields are decent enough for its size. Smoking this strain will deliver a citrus flavor with piney overtones, paired with incredibly potent effects thanks to its THC level of 24%. Users will definitely find themselves wrapped in a warm and soothing feeling all over their bodies after the first toke. For Indica lovers, this strain is a godsend and will show them what top-quality Indica has to offer

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Blood Diamond OG Feminized?

Blood Diamond OG Feminized welcomes its users with a sweet scent of pine, herb, and wood, backed with hints of earthy citrus. This mouthwatering invitation is just a preview compared to when users finally light up the buds. It is because the aroma translates similarly to the flavor but is more profound. It also has more emphasis on the citrus zest that lingers around the mouth after exhaling.

The effects of Blood Diamond OG Feminized also greet users with a long-lasting and extremely sedating high. They will experience a creeping physical sensation that will wrap them in deep relaxation. All bodily discomforts, including muscle tensions, will disappear and users are left in an overwhelmingly pleasant state. As the sensation builds up, users will eventually give in to the temptation to lie down and close their eyes. Despite being couch-locked, they will enjoy the feeling of calmness. Euphoric effects will also come into play and users will indulge themselves in blissful thinking. This makes Blood Diamond OG ideal only during the evenings or when there is no activity for the rest of the day. This is due to the strain’s prowess that can render users sedated and usually culminates in a deep sleep.

How to Grow Blood Diamond OG Feminized

Blood Diamond OG Feminized seeds grow into a pure Indica plant, which is compact and bushy. It reaches a height only up to 160 cm and develops lime-green nugs with yellow pistils. The plants actually have a robust structure, highly resistant to molds and pests, and able to thrive in harsh climates. This explains the strain’s “diamond” name as it is a beauty that is hard to break. This sturdiness makes this plant an ideal strain for beginner growers since it won’t need much attention. It is also foolproof and can still thrive on its own despite some unintended misstep. Besides, the feminized qualities of this strain had removed male segregation and in turn making the cultivation process simpler.

This plant is said to be great indoors due to its small size that won’t occupy much space. But its branchiness also means that growers should do regular pruning with it. It is also recommended to use a Sea of Green (SOG) method in order to achieve an increase in yields. On the other hand, the plant also responds well to a hydroponics method and is often used by commercial growers since it can lessen the growth cycle. But for cannabis connoisseurs, cultivating indoors is best used to fully enhance the terpene profile of the plant. Overall, this plant flower time takes around 8 to 10 weeks and growers can expect a decent yield of around 500 grams per square meter.

Meanwhile, for growers who prefer cultivating outdoors, the plant strives best in a warm or temperate climate. It has to be placed in a spot with good access to sunlight so it can fully grow to its potential. Growers can then expect a harvest yield of 450 grams per plant by late-October if all conditions are favorable.