Black Widow Autoflower 5 Pack


The Black Widow Autoflowering is a fantastic cross between the original Black Widow and an incredibly fast Ruderalis. It has a ratio of 40% indica,40% sativa, and 20% Ruderalis. The scent is incredible, just as it was with the original. Growing this plant is simple, and putting it indoors or outdoors is recommended. Given that Black Widow promotes feelings of laziness and sleepiness, better use it in the evening.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Black Widow Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

The aroma is a blend of pineapple, kiwi, and passion fruit with a hint of ammonia. You may expect it to taste and smell like fruit when you smoke it, with a mix of citrus rinds and aroma when you first light it up. When you use it, you will experience drowsiness and a mild body high, so better use it at night. You can easily fall asleep, which is something that people who have insomnia should consider.

How to Grow Black Widow Autoflower Cannabis Seeds?

The Black Widow Autoflowering is best grown indoors because it may produce lower yields if exposed to rain. It is a simple plant to raise for new gardening individuals; however, results may be lower for amateur growers. Because it produces lower yields 175 to 210 grams per plant, the Black Widow strain is best grown outdoors.

The Black Widow appears to be the top choice for novice growers because it is resistant to molds, mildew, and pests, which means you won’t have to spend as much time monitoring it as it grows. Expert producers should expect yields of 350 to 400 grams per square meter, while amateurs can expect less.