Berry White 5 Pack


White Berry Feminized is a heavy-hitting Indica-dominant strain. It has fast flowering properties and is well suited for cultivation in a Sea of Green setup. Blue Berry and White Widow’s combination creates a slender, medium-sized plant with fresh green looks and a single-cola dominance. It is distinguishable by its distinct blue color and orange hairs with snow-white trichomes that coats the buds. Much like its namesake, this strain has a sweet berry-like aroma. The White Berry Feminized hybrid’s genetics provide a complex, multifaceted smoke that results in a Sativa cerebral high. However, when smoked in larger doses, its Indica traits shine, giving users a body stone. With an average of 16% THC content, it is recommended to consume this after working hours or even the entire weekend to ensure that smokers don’t miss out on anything when the heavy sedation effects lure them in their beds. Medical marijuana patients have described this strain as having an uplifting, happy high, making it ideal for treating depression, stress, and pain. The Berry White has taken home multiple awards and is the desired strain for patients with mood disorders and insomnia. Growers and aspiring ones don’t need ganja expertise to reap the maximum benefits of growing Berry White Feminized Cannabis Seeds. This strain reaches a medium height while offering a heavy yield of about 500 grams per plant outdoors after nine to ten weeks in the flowering stage.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Berry White Feminized?

Berry White Feminized captures a sweet, fruity, blueberry flavor for its smokers. It gives a high psychedelic euphoria with an overwhelming relaxed feeling that shrouds the body. Most call this the perfect weed, lauded for the mild yet invigorating effects of its silky smoke. The cerebral and physical effects blend to create awareness, creativity, happiness, and profuse tranquility.

How to Grow Berry White Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Growing Berry White Feminized Cannabis Seeds is incredibly easy. It’s a quick flowering plant that means that it can be grown in small pots indoors, making growers optimize their space. This plant’s ideal temperature ranges between 68 to 84°F and relative humidity of around 40 to 45%. It produces a crown of thick buds, and in order to reveal the leaves’ potential to develop blue or purple hues, the plant must be exposed to temperatures around 64-68°F at the end of flowering.

When grown indoors, harvest can be expected after nine to 10 weeks. It has a near-perfect structure that allows for heavy bud production. Berry White Feminized nugs are perfectly shaped flowers drenched in trichomes with conical-shaped weeds that exhibit blown-out calyxes. Its appearance should be enough to be grateful for the purchase. This strain is one that truly deserves its spot in a therapeutic garden.

Apart from the wonderful sight this brings a growers garden, the Berry White Feminized also produces generous yields of about 400 grams per square meter indoors, Up to 500 grams per plant outdoors.