Alien Candy Autoflower 5 Pack


Popularly known as an Indica-dominant hybrid, the Alien Candy Auto cannabis strain is the result of the Indica-leaning cross of Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien. This potent hybrid consists of 15-19% THC levels, producing amazing full-bodied effects and intense relaxation.  As the name suggests, this autoflowering version is has got an aroma and flavor that captures sweet and fruity citrus fruits combined with some of the pungency of its parent strains. This sharp yet funky strain delivers a supremely well-balanced high and effects that can be excellent catalysts for motivation and creativity. With its very delightful, sweet fruity citrus flavor, potent effects, and autoflowering feature, the Alien Candy Auto is definitely a treat for those Indica lovers, and weed users as well.

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