Alaskan Thunder Fuck 5 Pack


Any cannabis fan must try Alaskan Thunder Fuck Feminized Cannabis Seeds. This powerful strain is a favorite of seasoned smokers thanks to its high THC content, which can exceed 25%. The tall, trichome-covered buds that are produced by the plant are dense and sticky. The high is upbeat and euphoric, with a potent intellectual buzz that’s ideal for engaging in social activities or creative pursuits. Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a great connoisseur’s strain with its distinctive and rich flavor profile of earthy, piney, and spicy overtones.

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About Alaskan Thunder Fuck

The renowned strain Alaskan Thunder Fuck, often known as Matanuska Thunder Fuck or simply “ATF,” was developed in the Matanuska Valley area of Alaska. Although the strain’s precise ancestry is unknown, it is thought to be a hybrid of a North American Sativa and a Russian Ruderalis, with some Afghan indica genetics thrown in for good measure. The distinct flavor and effects of Alaskan Thunder Fuck are the result of this rare genetic fusion.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is renowned for its tremendous strength and high THC content. Because of its high THC content, which can range from 15% to 25%, this strain is best suited for seasoned users. On the other hand, CBD concentrations are frequently under 1%.

Flavor and Appearance of Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Cannabis strains from Alaskan Thunder Fuck are among the most popular worldwide, and for good reason. It is renowned for both its distinctive flavor profile and highly strong effects.

These seeds result in plants with dense, sticky buds that are covered with brilliant orange hairs and a thick layer of trichomes, as well as plants that are visually appealing. The plant’s leaves have a distinguishing appearance due to their vivid green color and slightly serrated edge.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck has a rich flavor profile with earthy, piney overtones, as well as traces of lemon and diesel fuel. This strain stands out from others on the market thanks to its distinctive flavor combination, which creates a really remarkable taste experience. You’re likely to enjoy Alaskan Thunder Fuck’s rich flavor whether you’re an experienced smoker or new to the cannabis industry.

How to Grow Alaskan Thunder Fuck

The Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a tough plant that even novice gardeners may cultivate because she can withstand a cold climate and resist pests and diseases. She also has no trouble getting up in the summer. Nonetheless, it is advised to keep the temperature at 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the light-on phase and 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the light-off phase for best effects. During the subsequent 8 to 9 week flowering phase, you can further decrease it by 5 degrees. This will help the plant produce more resin. You should note that a sudden drop in the temperature can damage your plant.

You should top the plant or try extra cropping because she gets tall. These two techniques will aid in limiting her height. She will be able to increase her yields thanks to the Sea of Green (SOG) configuration. When you cultivate her outdoors, you can receive up to 850 grams per plant, compared to 500 grams per square meter when you grow her indoors.