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In addition to having an expensive moniker, the 24K Gold Strain is also expensive due to its genetic make-up, yield, effects, and flavor. The 24K Gold strain was previously known as the Kosher Tangie strain, however the name change was warranted given the golden results you would get from growing cannabis from these strains seeds. This strain yields excellent and potent indica-dominant cannabis. Once the flowering phase starts, the plant also starts to create a very distinctive aroma that is inherited from its parents, as well as a very rich scent of sweet citrus. This cannabis strain has a high THC level, ranging from 20% to 24%. Last but not least, this strain is worthwhile to grow since it has already been feminized, saving you the trouble of cultivating male plants. Purchase right away to find out if this variety lives up to its name.

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About 24K Gold

A unique strain that deserves its illustrious name and position was created by expertly fusing Kosher Kush and Tangie, two powerful strains on the competition scene. The 24k Gold strain is best renowned for being one of the top varieties available. Growing cannabis from this strain produces plants with thick buds that balance the impact on the body and mind well. The plant’s powerful 18% to 24% THC concentration heightens the experience, and you’ll find yourself enjoying and unwinding throughout. Your hard work in growing this strain will be rewarded with a robust, quick-growing plant that will produce a sizable crop for your hoard. Given that its mature blooms are dripping with resin, this strain is ideal for concentrates, oils, and hash.

Flavor and Effects of 24K Gold

Go no further than 24K Gold if you’re searching for a cannabis variety that is both visually attractive and incredibly exceptional. As the name says, the buds that these seeds grow have a shimmering layer of golden trichomes covering them, giving them a really striking appearance.

Nevertheless, 24K Gold distinguishes itself from other strains not just via its look but also through its mouthwatering flavor profile. This hybrid strain is a cross of Tangie and Kosher Kush, two well-known strains, and has an earthy and lemony flavor.

You might taste sweet orange and lemon on the inhale when you smoke or vape 24K Gold, and then you’ll probably detect a mild but unmistakable kush flavor on the exhale. This flavor combination creates a genuinely pleasurable smoking experience that will leave you feeling content and at ease.

Overall, 24K Gold is a wonderfully unique cannabis variety that will dazzle even the most picky enthusiast. These seeds are definitely worth looking into, whether your goal is to have a distinctive smoking experience or simply to bling up your collection.

How to Grow 24K Gold

Growing cannabis plants from 24K Gold feminized seeds calls for intermediate-level knowledge and abilities. Growing will be easy for seasoned gardeners, but newcomers can succeed with effort and study. The paper towel method is the most advised way to germinate and develop this strain. It ignores its indica origins and grows like a weed throughout the vegetative stage. It finally reaches a height of roughly six feet while continuing to grow upward. Because of this, in order for these cannabis seeds to develop and thrive, you must regularly cut and trim the leaves. Your schedule needs to account for an eight to ten week flowering period. Give your plants ample time to reach their full maturity so they can produce high-quality buds.