White Widow 5 Pack


Our feminized White Widow is a former Cannabis Cup Winner that is high in THC and CBD. It’s known for white trichome crystals and orange hairs that develop at the end of its flowering stage. White Widow is easy to grow, a great yielder, and is perfect for cloning. Topping at 24.10% THC, the high from this strain is intense, with a strong cerebral effect. Considered to be the world’s most popular strain, our White Widow feminized seeds are perfect for new and advanced growers.



White Widow is the most famous in the world that you can find in any Amsterdam or Dutch café. It’s known for its high THC level that offers a soothing high. Compared to the autoflowering marijuana variant, the White Widow Fem produces a larger harvest with greater THC levels. With a 3% CBD level, this great strain is therapeutically beneficial. You’ll get fascinated with its white crystal resin buds that consist of its high efficiency. There’s no wonder why White Widow is one of the most desired cannabis strains in the world.

Origin Of White Widow Feminized Seeds

White Widow is an original Dutch classic that has been developed in Amsterdam in the year 1994. It is a hybrid between a South Indian-Indica and a Brazilian-Sativa. It attained its name due to its white crystal-fill tops. Due to its quality, marijuana users use the famous White Widow at least once in their life. It’s best known to bring a massive smoke experience, which is typically a good subject of Hollywood films and raps and often quoted in TV shows. It has won lots of awards like the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup and wins first prize.

Effects Of White Widow Feminized Seeds

It has an intense burst of efficiency and extreme happiness, breaking through instantly. It offers creative thinking and great conversation.  The White Widow emits a sugary and sweetened smoke that starts very light that develops heavily. This Sativa-dominant strain is complicated, but it is satisfying. White Widow carries a great buzz that is uplifting but confronting. It’s excellent for social meetings or to face adventures.

Medical Effects Of White Widow Feminized Seeds

White Widow is a mild marijuana strain that can help you with several body aches. This cannabis seed is highly suggested to alleviate the signs and symptoms of stress, muscle strain, anorexia, tension, and restlessness. White Widow removes your insomnia and makes your body ready for a soothing sleep. It can also alleviate pain like menstrual aches or constipation, migraine, and back strain. You’ll feel your body recovering and stoned with an enthusiastic head high. It’s the right strain after a long day. White Widow strain that will help you relax and luxuriate 100% after a busy day.

Taste And Aroma Of White Widow Feminized Seeds

White Widow features a fruity and floral scent with a deep and bittersweet taste. It has a bright, pleasant, and floral aroma. It has an active physical impact with a fruity and fresh smell. The taste is sharp, sugary, and natural. White Widow features sugar-filled with a shot of Stoney trance. Depending on your resistance, method of utilization, the quantity used, and how it’s developed. White Widow acquires the right blend of aroma and taste for a balanced outcome.

Grow Info Of White Widow Feminized Seeds

White Widow Fem strain is an easy-growing and high-yielding plant. It can flourish in small indoor areas. It also does well under dry, radiant, and warm humidity outdoors, and White Widow seeds can also grow in a greenhouse. The flowering span is ranging from 8-9 weeks. It has beautiful white crystals enclosing it with steady and tight tops. White Widow requires enough sunlight and heat when grown, and this strain won’t rise higher than 1 meter, and it can reach 2-meter high outdoors.

White Widow Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica Dominant
Genetics Parents: South Indian X Brazilian
Flowering Period: 8 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: 400g/sq meter indoor / 300g/plant outdoor
Flavors: Spicy, Berry
THC Level: 24.1%
CBD Level: 0.7%
Height: Average
Harvest Period: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Easy