White Fire OG Fast Version 5 Pack


Also popularly known as the Wifi OG, the White Fire OG Strain is a powerful sativa dominant hybrid cannabis that is able to produce buds that is so frosty that it looks like its laden with snow and covered with sugary resin, hence why the name white was given. White Fire OG marijuana is one of the strongest out there that can give you a burst of fast acting energetic effect that is very cerebral in nature. Wifi OG or White Fire OG strain packs a whopping 28% THC content and is identified for its diesel-like aroma with citrus overtones and is considered one of the best strains for medical application due to its potency and effects.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of White Fire OG Fast Version Strain?

White Fire OG strain has a diesel-like smell with citrus overtones. Its flavor is sweet and earthy at the same time. Said to belong among the finest strains of marijuana for medical use because of several of its benefits. The White Fire OG produces buds that are covered with sugary snow all over. This strain is 60% Sativa and its effects are highly cerebral. It is a perfect day time smoke if taken moderately as its effects are uplifting and energetic at the same time that is excellent to ease lethargic feelings. White Fire OG will surely help you start your day happy and full of interests.

How to Grow White Fire OG  Fast Version Strain?

The White Fire OG strains are for moderate to novice growers, as this may require some skill to grow properly and potently. This strain thrives well in drier and warmer climates or indoor growing settings. Wifi OG or White Fire OG is known for its resistance to pests and diseases, however this may require regular trimming and pruning management and a good temperature control equipment to be able to produce her best yield. White Fire OG tales around 9-10 weeks to flower and are medium in height.

White Fire OG Marijuana strain can produce copious amounts of those sugary, frosted nugs in optimal conditions. So, make sure you give her the right climate and care and you should be well on your way in enjoying those strong and potent effects this strain can offer.