Wedding Cake Autoflower 5 Pack


Walk down the altar of bliss when you consume Wedding Cake strain. This is an indica-potent strain with impressive tastes, flavors, and natural effects. You will get large buds that have up to 20% THC. These buds will be teeming with unique flavors like vanilla, lemon, and woody aromas that will surely linger in your senses for hours.

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More About Wedding Cake Autoflower

A High-Yielding West Coast Strain

Wedding Cake Autoflower is an indica-dominant feminized, autoflowering hybrid cannabis strain made by combining a Wedding Cake and a ruderalis strain. A Wedding Cake strain is from the union of a Triangle Kush and Animal Mints strains.

Wedding Cake Autoflower has retained the taste, flavor, and effects of the classic Wedding Cake but has earned automatic features. Wedding Cake Autoflower flowers in just 65 to 72 days from germination to harvest time. You will get top yields with buds with 17% to 20% THC.

The taste of Wedding Cake Autoflower is something you will look forward to daily. Your grow room will be filled with a sweet/fruity scent with lemon, woody, and vanilla notes. This strain is small, so you can use this to grow small compact plants stealthily.

Wedding Cake Autoflower is for the inexperienced grower because you don’t need to do much to grow this strain. It’s automatic, so you don’t have to use a special lighting schedule (12/12 light/dark schedule) to stimulate flowering. And because of short flowering time, you may even get two or more harvests in a year!

When correct growing conditions are met, Wedding Cake Autoflower will give you up to 150 grams per plant outdoors and 600 grams per square meter indoors.