Wedding Cake 5 Pack


The Wedding Cake Feminized, more commonly known as the Pink Cookies, will make its users blurt out the words “I do!”. This strain is a result of cross breeding Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. From its name, this strain will definitely bring you to sweet heaven with a mixture of flavors that resembles those of a cookie mixed with berry flavored ice cream on the side. Not only is this a fun experience to the tongue but it also offers a tranquil journey to its users. Great for those wanting to get away from the stresses of life.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Wedding Cake Feminized?

The Wedding Cake feminized captivates its users with a sweet earthy flavor that it got from the Girl Scout Cookies combined with a fruity tang flavor inherited from the Cherry Pie. A hint of vanilla can be tasted as well making it a strain that is best for those sweet teeth out there. It leaves a lingering feeling in your mouth that makes one crave for more.

After a mouth watering adventure in its user’s taste buds, a cerebral high starts to buzz in and slowly flows down into your body starting from the head, to the spine, and then finally to the arms and legs. This results to a complete couch lock however, despite not being able to move, senses are heightened making the user more susceptible to its surroundings.

The Wedding Cake does not result to an instant knockout and also increases positivity and one’s appetite which makes it a perfect strain to use during social gatherings.

How to Grow Wedding Cake Feminized 

Due to its feminized nature, this strain has an all female army which assures growers that all plants are fertile and able to produce buds. It removes the hassle of identifying and segregating male plants which helps save more time, energy, and money.

The Wedding Cake Feminized leans along the Indica side which means that it has a naturally short stature thus, it is great for those who do not have enough space to grow their weed. Another way to maximize space is by using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique that can be done either by using soil or hydroponics. With this, growers may be able to harvest more buds within a shorter span of time. In this controlled environment, production may result to about 500 to 600 g/m2 within 56 to 70 days.

Outdoors, cultivating this plant is best when it is in a warm or sunny environment. However, this also flourishes even in wavering weathers. It can be harvested from late September to early October and can produce an abundant amount of buds at around 800 gr/plant. This makes it an ideal plant that beginners can grow. One thing they should monitor is the nutrient levels as the Wedding Cake Feminized binges on calcium and magnesium.