Venice OG Fast Version 5 Pack


The Venice OG strain is one of the most fast flowering strains out there. Originating from the beach in California that it is named after. This strain is a powerful Sativa dominant strain that is perfect for day time use due to its outgoing and energetic effects. What is excellent about this fast flowering strain is that it has almost no sleepy effects to it, this will keep you up, interested and uplifted all through the day perfect for running errands, walking on a train or even just hanging out with friends.Venice OG genetics is still covered in mystery as the original breeder of this magnificent strain is still living in secrecy. With an average level of THC at around 18-22%, this marijuana strain is an excellent choice for novice smokers as this will ignite your creativity, give you motivation and focus, leaving you clear headed and interested to finish important projects, creative endeavors or simply enjoying your time basking on the beauty of nature.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Venice OG Strain?

Common to many powerful Sativa strains out there, the effects of the Venice OG fast flowering marijuana is uplifting, happy, energetic while being clear headed and awake. This is perfect for day time smoking as this will not deliver any sleepy feelings at all. This marijuana strain will get you going and get you motivated, make you creative, and will give you the focus and interest that you need to get the things you need done, may it be any due project or other activities.

How to Grow Venice OG Strain?

Getting Venice OG strain seeds cannot be easily bought online, so growers of this strain are looking to get clippings and cuttings from healthy, mature plants that can be started as “clones”. Venice OG strain thrives well indoors and outdoors and prefers mediterranean, semi-humid climate. This strain grows bushy and short but may require occasional trimming and pruning. Lastly, Venice OG strain can develop a very strong and pungent scent on its vegetative stage so growers must prepare a good ventilation system when growing indoors to keep the odor under control and in check.