Ultra Violet OG 5 Pack


A true beauty in the cannabis world. Its vibrant purple hue lures in users to this Indica dominant plant. The Ultra Violet OG Feminized got its colors from North America’s Purple Indica which was one of the talks of the town in Seattle during the 1980s. It was unmatched against other relaxing strains available in the market. However, despite Purple Indica’s alluring beauty, it does not have a high THC, does not yield much buds, and the vegetation period takes longer which was a turn off to most growers. In order to improve these characteristics, it was cross bred against an Indica strain called the Face Off OG. This combination of strains produced the captivating Ultra Violet OG.Not only is this pleasing to the eyes but it’s sweet floral aroma and flavor leaves its users wanting more. This is great for individuals who are restless and have too much stress in their everyday lives as this strain puts one in a complete relaxing mode.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Ultra Violet OG Feminized?

Apart from its captivating color, that is noticeable from afar, the Ultra Violet OG produces a pungent smell that can easily be distinguished. In comparison to other purple colored strains, this one does not have the common berry aroma. A floral fragrance, which she got from her Face Off OG parent, entices the taste buds into trying this strain. Once inhaled, this strain welcomes its users with a sweet and floral taste. Long after, a hint of lemon and herbs lingers in your mouth.

Its dreamy taste and tantalizing physique may be a great factor that entices buyers; however, what leaves them wanting more, is the high that the Ultra Violet OG offers. Initially, it starts off as a mood booster that gives its users unlimited ideas which is great during creative blocks. The high stimulating feeling does not last and will slowly evolve to a tranquil mood. It then results to a couch look which makes this strain not suitable for those who want to do intense physical activities. After some time, drowsiness kicks in and a deep sleep is attained.

How to Grow Ultra Violet OG Feminized 

Acquiring its short figure from the Purple Indica, the Ultra Violet OG reaches a maximum height of about 5ft. It also does not grow a lot of fan leaves and trimming is not a daily task as its foliage is less thick compared to other Indica strains. However, despite it needing less maintenance and great for growers who have less time on their hands, this plant does not flourish in extreme hot and cold environments. In some cases, this might result in either a water log or too much heat which leads to killing the plant. Thus, keeping an eye on these weather changes should be of great importance.

Outdoors, this plant may need more care due to certain factors such as pests. For growers who would like to take the risk and are sure they can give their extra resources, then the Ultra Violet OG can produce about 500 grams of dense buds and can be harvested within late September to early October. Its mold resistant properties are great for sunny and humid weather as well.

For better results, it is recommended that this plant be grown in a controlled environment. Using the Sea of Green technique can result to a higher yield and lesser vegetation period. This can be done by growing cannabis in a tight space and flipping it during the early stage of vegetation. Once flipped, it traps light which helps the plant focus on producing. However, due to its compressed nature, it may build up moisture thus the RH level should be limited to around 40% to 50%. With little space, this plant produces a greater amount of yield that reaches around 400 – 500 g/m2 and can be harvested within 56 to 70 days. Also, it is a great accent that can give your space an extra pop of color.