Ultra Cookie Bomb 5 Pack


A high of 25% THC may not seem very potent to more seasoned smokers, but Ultra Bomb Cookie feminized marijuana has the power to back up her percentages. The nugs are very thick and dense, plus it also has a lot of yellow furs, which doesn’t seem appropriate for dessert. Although this is no ordinary baked bud, it is much more delightful than you would imagine it would be. Notes of fruit and a candy-like sweetness that’s overwhelming like a gummy bear tickle the air leaving most people longing for more.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Ultra Bomb Cookie  Cannabis Feminized?

Cannabis will make our minds wander and leave us stoned all too much, but not with Ultra Bomb Cookie weed strain. This bud is known for giving users a clear-headed energy boost that infuses imagination into every breath they take. You’ll want this bud by your side whether you’re at the office working on a vital project or finally getting around to redecorating your house. Individuals always turn to Ultra Bomb Cookie Fem cannabis when they need a mental pick-me-up, so creativity isn’t the only thing she brings to the table. This pressure is like a party on a bottle. It relaxes the mind and makes you want to chat with your friends over a few drinks.

How to Grow Ultra Bomb Cookie Feminized Marijuana Seed?

According to numerous sources, those looking to grow their own Ultra Bomb Cookie marijuana seed at home should rejoice, as this plant is extremely hardy whether grown indoors or outdoors and is relatively simple to grow. She’s a perfect choice if you’re short on space because she’s about four feet tall. It’s a strain that most people want in their garden because it matures quickly after just 8 to 9 weeks. The only possible problem to be aware of is that colas can become very dense and fungus-prone if they become too wet.