Super Skunk 5 Pack


The Super Skunk Feminized marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid between Skunk #1 and Afghan Hash. This sweet and sour tasting strain has an earthy undertone that produces a well-rounded mood-lifting bliss followed by a mellow calm relaxation that allows its users to function properly and not feel groggy. Users will gain focus and concentration while feeling blissful. This strain also produces a skunky aroma blended with a fruity mix of earthy sweetness. It grows into an average-size sturdy plant with spiky calyxes and fat, light green buds wrapped in crystallizing trichomes. It is simple to grow this plant and flowers as fast as 7-8 weeks to yield around 500-650g of bountiful harvest.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Super Skunk Feminized Strain?

This Super Skunk strain has a tropical pungent aroma that smells sweet with hints of earth and nuts. This well balanced strain initially produces a quick strong buzz followed by a soothing stoned body effect that doesn’t lock you to your couch. You will feel focused and happy like you are having the best time in your life. Moreover, taking a large quantity of this weed can potentially put you in a deep sleep.

How to Grow Super Skunk Feminized Strain 

The Super Skunk strain grows into a strong, stocky plant with thick branches and stems that produces pointy calyzes and huge, dense bright green buds with sticky trichomes. This strain is fast flowering and easy to cultivate. In just 7-8 weeks, all levels of cultivators can grow this plant into yielding 500-650g of highly potent weed.

For indoor growing, the plant tends to take over the stop stem, therefore it is ideal to trim, pinch, fim or top the plant to develop multiple stems. The SOG and SCROG methods as well as lollipopping can help this plant produce good yields. As this strain can produce a very prominent skunky aroma, a carbon filter is recommended to be installed to keep the smell from seeping out. Make sure to provide enough light source for it to cultivate well. When done right, expect to harvest as much as 600-650g/m2 during flowering time.

For outdoor growing, this plant prefers to be placed in a sturdy pot and placed in a warm, dry area with plenty of sun. On the other hand, this plant can grow relatively high and busy when grown in free soil. Religious trimming and topping will keep this plant in control to yield as much as 650g per plant.