Super Hash Autoflower 5 Pack


To make an auto-flowering version of the original Super Hash, a high-class Ruderalis strain was used to hybrid it, developing an unmistakable beauty. This Indica-dominant strain is, without a doubt, excellent calmative. Super Hash Auto is the auto-flowering variant of the  resinous Super Hash strain with trichomes on its leaves and would be good to make extracts with. The shorter blooming period makes it an excellent choice for growers in a hurry. The THC levels hover around 17% making this strain relatively potent. This strain produces delicious flavors and brings a generous yield after nine weeks. The average crop reaches about 500 grams of shiny aromatic buds. The Super Hash Autoflowering may be grown indoors and outdoors, coming to a stature of between 70 – 140 cm. When cultivated indoors beneath 600-watts and planted at a thickness of 20 plants per light, it can produce between 500-550 gr/m. Outside continuous harvests can be developed by planting modern seedlings each month from April or May through to August or September in a few areas, depending on the neighborhood climate and climate patterns.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Super Hash Autoflowering?

The Super Hash Auto has inherited the Hash flavor with a robust spicy aroma true to its rugged nature. Perfect for those looking for powerful sensations. At the first hit, users are filled with profound contemplations, banishing them from the cruelty of their reality to a starry Arabian night. The Super Hash Autoflowering is indeed put together for spacey chillers. However, when opting for a strain to induce sleeping, this is not the best choice.

How to Grow Super Hash Autoflowering

Auto Super Hash is easy to take care of, but depending on where it is grown, just a little hint that it may sometimes be susceptible to molds. Cultivating this strain will be easy and straightforward if opting for indoor setup, while outdoor would be a challenge at night; a temporary canopy for shelter will keep this strain from freezing. It’s quite odd for hash-plants to have an auto-flowering format, which is undoubtedly an uncommon format.

Indoor cultivation: You can use 20 pots of 5.5 liters for Super Hash Auto, for which the growth time will be marginally shortened as you will minimize the available space and hence the root growth. Furthermore, you will get the full expression of this great strain if you subject it to a 20/4 photoperiod with 600W HPS light lamps.

Outdoor cultivation: Use permanent pots of 15 to 20 liters, depending on the position you have in your yard, so that these plants can grow without space problems and note that the outdoor harvest is done in September, thereby avoiding the humidity of the rainy seasons and any fungal issues.

Super Hash Auto reaches a height of 80 to 120 cm and can give you an impressive amount of 500 grams per square meter when cultivated indoors at the end of its flowering stage and between 50-60 grams per plant when grown outdoors, which is fantastic news for those who dare to try it.