Sugar Kush Fast Version 5 Pack


Sugar Kush Fast Flowering is a pure Indica Cannabis strain that is made by Dizzy Duck Seeds. This is offspring of the Northern Lights #1, Kandy Kush and Hash plant. This mixture of strains has allowed this Sugar Kush Fast Flowering Strain to deliver this positive and stimulating high that is relaxing at the same time, reason this has become a top favorite to many of its followers.Sugar Kush Strain contains moderate amounts of THC at around 20% which makes its effects start heady and then suddenly pulls down to your body due to its 100% Indica lineage. It has a robust and piney flavor profile with a skunky, hashy yet floral scent. Its nugs are of emerald green color that is coated with sugary resin, which is what it is also known for.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Sugar Kush Fast Flowering?

The effects of the Sugar Kush Marijuana are both physical and mental, and will start off from your head and will slowly bring you into happiness and an uplifted vibe. One of the first things you’ll notice is the feeling it brings to your eyes and forehead which will slowly crawl towards you back and shoulder. This physical buzz or body high will go lower through your body upto your toes until you will become entirely relaxed and calm. This excellent physical effect is good for relieving pain and muscle tension. Its effects will ultimately lead you to a couch lock.

How to Grow Sugar Kush Fast Flowering?

Sugar Kush Fast Flowering Cannabis strain is far from being complicated and is one of the easiest strains to grow out there. This strain can thrive well  in both outdoors and indoors settings and can adapt excellently in almost any growing systems used today such as coco or soil, hydroponics or even aeroponics for that matter.

Due to its pure Indica lineage, this Sugar Kush marijuana strain will grow vigorously with dark green leaves. This has a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks and this medium height and bushy plant with several lateral branches can respond well to trimming and pruning. Sugar Kush Fast flowering marijuana strain is fairly easy to grow and is highly recommendable for beginner growers.